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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Oxford » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:20 am

I know this sounds ridiculous. I have very large chest I am over weight I'm 5'3 160 for my age and height I'm only supposed to be about 120. I have bad back pain I have 2 slipped discs L4 L5 and I have NO butt. My drs have told me to lose weight and thats the only treatment I'll loose a few gain a few lose a few gain a few but I always seem to settle right where I am right now. I have no butt what so ever it is non existant and I've always wondered if that is making it worse. I'm trying to gather information to take to my dr to see if I could possibly get this surgery to be mostly covered with my insurance. I was interested in the brazilian butt augmentation I believe it is where they do the liposuction and body sculpting with the fat injections in the butt. Thank you so much for all your help! (I am in very good health by the way even though I'm over weight and my back an breast reduction is not an option I like them and its too evasive and look nasty afterwards)
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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Earie » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:23 am

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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Corran » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:25 am

It's possible if you don't have much of a butt that your are literally sitting on your spine. Having some fat moved from one part of your body to another might help the issue abit. At least when you have this butt augmentation you will not be able to sit for while.

If you have large breast as well it might be a good idea to make sure your wearing the rigtht bra for you. That can be a real process, but it's worth it. http://confessionsofacurvygirl.wordpress...
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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Houghton » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:35 am

No. The surgery is only moving and adding fat and fat-like substances to your butt. Fat is not the best thing to sit on... it can affect your posture.

You're overwheight, which causes you to have bad posture (as well as your breasts) The only remedy is to loose the weight. A healthy, muscle-toned body naturally has good posture... ultimately helping your back as well as giving you the butt you wish you had.

Try P90X, and follow the meal plan. Or even try Shakeology with it. You will be in the best shape of your life, and you will love your new skinny body. I promise.
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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Basilio » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:36 am

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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Aescwyn » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:44 am

145 lbs at 5'3" is still a bit much for a young woman.
You should probably just go to a doctor (not a chiropractor, they are fake doctors) to actually find the real cause.
If you're very young (teen early 20's) Doctors get suspicious and think you're from a messed up family and were abused (women from chaotic environments have back pains at a young age with no known cause).
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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Aleron » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:45 am

I cured my sciatica with this natural treatment ( http://cure-sciatica.info )

Normally, I would not answer a question like this as my expertise is generally in medication but I had severe sciatica while I was pregnant with my 3rd child (after having had twins) and I had sciatica so bad that I was finding it difficult to walk. I tried massage therapy and physical therapy and could not take medication

I went to the chiropractor and the pain was instantly relieved. My hips and lower back were out of alignment because I had carried twins the year before. On occasion a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can also work but they usually only work on one joint at a time - the chiropractor will do your whole back which works faster. Anyone who does not believe in chiropractors will tell you they are quacks - don't listen.

I don't necessarily believe that chiropractors can cure things like diabetes but they can definitely relieve some types of back pain especially if a pinched nerve is involved which is usually the cause of sciatica.
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Would A Butt Augmentation Help With Back Pain?

Postby Shuang » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:55 am

I have no *** and I'm a big chick so I dunno how that works lol as for butt implants probably not, I was watching a medical show and the stuff you have to go thru doesn't seem worth it - They put the implants in basically where your crack is - painful much, and then your not allowed to sit for 6 weeks, it's also the most painful plastic surgery you can have - Maybe if they gave me enough pain killers to pass those 6 weeks thru as a breeze I'd consider it.

For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDR9o
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