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Will Music Ever Be As Good As It Was?

Will Music Ever Be As Good As It Was?

Postby KateHudson » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:33 pm

do you think music can recover to what it was? im 17 and im sick of all the newer music and mainstream on the radio, its all the same, except for the odd song, or rarely the odd artist. i try to listen to everything an not discriminate but todays music goes too far. starting from the 60's which i consider to have some of the best music, 70's may not have been as good in my opinion but it wasnt bad so to speak, theyre were still amazing artists and bands about, even 80's was good and with the introduction of rap (rap/hip hop being one of my least favoured forms of music) was still very good if you looked in the right place, and even 90's with r&b, early 2000's, but then from around 2004/2007 music started to die and today i dont know what the hell it has become. if you look at the 60's there are artists which are universally acclaimed for changing the way of music and making it better, 70's lots of bands/artists have been recognised and are world renowned, same with 80's and 90's during the crossover to hip/hop/rap/grunge/r&b. people would compare artists and albums: "dylan or the beatles?" led zeppelin, pink floyd, acdc, aerosmith, aretha franklin, beach boys, bill withers, bob marley, clash, elvis, guns n' roses, mj, james brown, hendrix, sinatra, black sabbath, police, queen, rolling stones, stevie wonder, tina turner, van halen, metallica, nirvana, grandmaster flash, sugarhill gang, run-dmc, biggie smalls, nas, tupac, bon jovi, adele, chic, daft punk, the doors, dr. dre, snoop dogg (older music), eminem (older music), ellie goulding, eric b & rakim, evanescence, fatboy slim, N.W.A, jay-z (older music), ice cube, justin timberlake, kanye west (some of his is good, others horrendous), kings of leon, lauryn hill, ll cool j, mary j blige, nelly (older music), oasis, outkast, phil collins, plan b, prodigy, public enemy, r kelly, red hot chilli peppers (older music), robbie williams, snow patrol, usher (older), whitney houston, will smith, the who, wu tang clan, 50 cent. thats just a few artists i listen to and as you can see theres a lot of diversity between artists, but not much heavy metal and classical i know, but even looking at that list most of you reading this should be able to pick out some of those artists as ones you like, obviously people are going to dislike to rap heavily and vice versa for artists like bob dylan, etc but even if you despite of certain artists because its not your type of music, you can probably still understand why some people will like it, but i dont understand with today, you get people like katy perry or tinie tempah, who initially have a moderate hit or sometimes even big hits, but then after that its just the media and radio pushing them out and trying to get as much money as it can, jls, justin bieber, did nothing and just because of their looks i guess they became famous, but they dont deserve what they have. there arent even consistent albums anymore, theres not been a classic in atleast 5/6 years that was "great" so to speak, there have been some good ones but nothing unique and definitive that i remember. you choose an artist from history you can name normally 5+ songs from them that are considered "great" and many more which can be considered still really good, but now? i dont know... so i know it was long but back to the question, will it ever be as good as it was?
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Will Music Ever Be As Good As It Was?

Postby Wellington » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:36 pm

Ya some stupid artist do made some stupid song. Sometimes good music come often. So u have to chose by ur own.
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Will Music Ever Be As Good As It Was?

Postby Beinean » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:37 pm

Thanks for the Essay, Bro


Yes, I'm a frank believer that real music will come back but you have to think about money in this case.

When you hear shitty music by Rihanna, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, etc all they here is money. But there is hope artist like Adele, James Blake, Foster the People, Bon Iver, Florence are slowly coming in to the Mainstream.

Here's an Artist you might like and some of her songs:


Hidden Place


It's in Our hands

All is full of Love

Pagan Poetry


Let me know if you like her or not
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