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Will Doing This Get Me Into Shape?5 Stars Best Answer!?

Will Doing This Get Me Into Shape?5 Stars Best Answer!?

Postby Darwin » Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:44 pm

Hello, i am a 13 year old male and i weigth 220lbs. I have already lost about 15 lbs but it's come to a stop. I'm wanting to go out for all the school sports and get active. I am homeschooled, so i don't get much exercise besides from the 2 miles i'm walking everyday. So this is what i'm asking. I am already signed up for football. I'm going to to football, then they have basketball, baseball, and then track. If i go out for those sports this year, do you think i will lose all my weight? I eat well, i'm on a diet play from my doctor that is working, it's just the exercise that's the issue. I don't drink soda, one serving of food when i eat, no junk food only on occasion, but it's normally like special k or weight watchers snacks. So, what do you think guys? do you think that me doing football and all those sports will help me lose all my weight to 135 in a year? Or what do you guys think i could lose to. I like sports, it's just i never really played any besides baseball. And between sports, i would jog 2-4 miles a day and every other day get some muscle building in. So, tell me what you think and i will give the best answer 5 stars!
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Will Doing This Get Me Into Shape?5 Stars Best Answer!?

Postby culbert » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:23 pm

Like you I'm also a thirteen year old male, right now I'm at 132 lbs. I'm really big on soccer and i go on jogs like you're doing. I also get practice time in at home. Sometimes team practices and game times aren't quite enough to get in shape. My school has a nice turf field that my friends and I go to and get a good workout in. I also practice things to become better at home and look up exercises online that will improve my skills on the field. If those sports don't last you all year try to find or make off season teams with friends from the team to stay in shape. There are plenty of indoor facilities you can look at during winter. Team sports will probably help you cut down the pounds but I'm not sure they'll reach you're goal right away. If you keep a good attitude and stick with it though I suppose you could make you're goal by the end of the year. Best of luck man
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