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Why is losing weight such a long process?

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Why is losing weight such a long process?

Postby torran » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:26 am

Why is losing weight such a long process and gaining weight being a faster process for most people? It's so frustrating! I am male 5ft 8in 190-195 and I want to get down to 110-115 lbs. When I got down to 160 I stopped losing weight and couldn't take it anymore so I gave up and I gained 30-35 pounds back. How do I break my 160 lb weight loss plateau and what foods should I eat to burn body fat until I get down to 115 lbs.

and believe me 115 lbs is not too skinny. I seen a woman on the steve wilkos show and she was 5' 6" and a half and weighed 66 lbs and 115 pounds is nowhere near 66 lbs. Infact 115 lbs is almost double that.

Also I have some really ugly scars and stretch marks and had open heart surgery at 8 and would like to know the best way to get rid of them and reduce the appearance of my heart surgery scar without plastic surgery because I can't afford it like all the rich celebrities because I dont like it and I really hate my body. Looks like I'm gonna have to look better the natural way because cosmetic surgery costs big $$$$$

For my face I would rate about a 7-8
For my body I would rate about a 2-3

I would much rather have a better nicer body and a ugly face because the body is usually what almost everybody wants to see most is the body rather than a pretty face.

The face helps a little but I think the body is even better.
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Why is losing weight such a long process?

Postby lootah34 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:44 am

dear :) everything thing takes time, when you think about it.
Just Don't! give up. Kay? drink PLENTY of water :)
try even going on a all fruit/veggie diet for awhile.
i here it works really well! also go to the gym whenever ya can for about 1 hour or more, do that and i'm positive ya'll get down to a good size.

wish you the best!!
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