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Why Do I Have Mood Swings ?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Why Do I Have Mood Swings ?

Postby Aulay » Tue May 23, 2017 8:08 am

Hello everybody, sorry for disturbing all you all. I am having horrible mood swings since some 5 weeks. I feel depressed and disturbed. It's all not good. I feel like happy a bit then i fall in a deep depression state. That loops. i cannot sleep much of the time and i sometimes think about harming myself with no good reason *i am not suicidal* i do not want to eat and when i do i eat a lot. I also weight myself about 5 times a day which is not good and whenever i see that i have a kilo more i just panic and feel bad. i feel like losing everything good and for a fact i am a loner,i never had good friends or people around.It torments me to see people having a good time with their parents or friends because i believe that i never had one. I feel hard to tell people about how i feel because for all valid reason i am an introvert. i never realised that before. I express myself in writing i do write short stories but now everything is becoming depressing. One of my biggest problem is my anxiety, i can never go out in public and whenever i do, i start to feel uncomfortable. It just that i cannot stop my mind. i feel like having an on or off button for my mood. i cannot fight back. i feel like dying. In my dark pass i tried to secretly kill myself by having an OD on pain killers but it did not quite worked. i woke up with a bid headache and weak body as far i can remember (2 years ago).

I keep my problems as a secret and i really rarely talk about this. i do not feel courageous talking about it. you sometimes just want to sleep. for ever and never wake up. I know something is wrong. btw i am 17 and a just a boy who fears and hates himself.
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Why Do I Have Mood Swings ?

Postby Perryn » Tue May 23, 2017 8:14 am

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