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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Finnur » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:10 am

So last year our specialist copay was $40, same with lab and image testing work. this year it changed to paying 20%, for specialist, lab, and imaging testing work. however before they even pay 20% i must meet a $750 deductible, before they even start paying.

so last year, i got an mri of the lower back and right side shoulder done, in which i filled out a medical history application in which it said have you ever had a accident/trauma on the areas you are getting tested today for. i put yes, n my right side of body, i had a trauma like 17 years ago. to make a long story short a month or so later, a company working/representing my insurance cigna, send me a letter stating that if i was a victim of a accident at work, someones property,etc that i should report this and have them pay. in the end of this letter it said, please work with us as it will help us keep the costs of medical insurance coverage low. well, i called this place up and i spoke to someone and i told her there was a mistake and i never fell or anything, ( i did but its wasn't at work or something and plus it was 17 years ago in another country). the person said ok and she said not to worry about it. my questions is did my dads insurance policy change because of this, since his insurance saw i might be a threat to their profit, since in their eyes i fell, and am making them pay out of their pockets for medical visits and test,s. etc.

i need someone to clarify this to me, or is this something the employer or the government is doing to cut costs for that crap obamacare that is coming up. i need to go to other specialists still and get other tests done, isn't that why my dad pays for medical insurance from his check to have it
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Raedwolf » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:12 am

Have you ever heard the word "Obamacare"? That's the law that has made massive changes required ot health insurance - and part of those, is the transferring of more of the cost of care over to the patient.

The letter you got is standard, it's a subrogation letter.
They're trying to go after someone else for reimbursement.
The letter part, is NOT a change, it's been that way forever.
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Enrikos » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:17 am

It's not because of your situation.

If the insurance is from his employer, then they changed it for all the employees, and all their children with insurance from that employer.
They would not changed it for everyone just because of one person.

What would not be fair would be if they did not make any changes, because the cost of medical care has gone up too much for them to be able to keep providing health insurance with no changes, so they would have to cancel everyone's insurance, completely, if they did not change it enough to be able to keep having it.

It's not to cut costs.
Even with this change, their costs are still increasing.
It's just to make costs rise somewhat less, not to decrease.

I don't know who you mean by "people who dont work and are lazy" and "dont see rises in their copay's,insurance, or even dont pay anything out of pocket".

Nearly everyone who buys insurance and does not work did see rises in their copays, and pays more out of pocket than you do.

If you meant those who get their insurance from the government, nearly all of them who are between 19 and 64 who does not work lost their insurance completely.
They don't pay higher copays, because they have to pay the full cost of the medical procedure out of pocket, without insurance, because they no longer have insurance.

There are some small children who don't pay out of pocket and don't work.
But the reason they don't work is not because they are lazy.
It is because they are small children and are not old enough to work.

That basically leaves everyone over 65.
It is certainly true that not all of them still work.
But many of them have already worked more than you will work in your life, and certainly more than you have worked so far, so I would not call them lazy either.
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Klaus » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:22 am

What this means is you have a deductible of $750 which continues to be low by way of maximum plans in the previous coverage will cover you for 80% of the cost. it rather is extremely usual. the different component of the question became, a third occasion enterprise desires to be attentive to in case you had an injury so as that they are able to sue your Dad's corporation's coverage enterprise and make money. it rather is a fashion of telling you in case you have an injury, you dont could pay the deductible in case you sue Workmans Comp yet it rather is surprisingly slimy of them.
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Fogartaigh » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:23 am

Your medical history from 17 years ago has no affect on the current premiums.

Your usage of the plan last year will have an affect, as did the usage of everyone on the policy and everyone that has insurance. It is not just your dad's policy; everyone that has that group policy will have the same changes. Rates are increasing because of 0bamacare, and the reason plans are changing like your dad's insurance did is to keep future rate increases smaller. When people pay more for the smaller things the premium can be lower than otherwise.

When you call the specialist you don't ask them how much without insurance, because you have insurance. You will get the negotiated rate when you visit that specialist, and depending on the specialist, the insurance company, and you location that negotiated rate could be 50 to 75% less than they quoted you.

You calling your dad's insurance will not do anything. For one thing, you are not the policy holder so they won't give you any real information. The reason it changed is to keep the premium down, for both the employer and your dad.

Being fair has nothing to do with it. You are only entitled to what the policy specifies. If you want a better policy your dad can get off his plan at work and purchase a more comprehensive policy. Your dad does not have to keep that policy. It is just like if you don't like the food at your school lunch counter you can take your own lunch.
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Boone » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:30 am

Your dad gets insurance through his employer.
The insurance changed for ALL employees not just you.
Why did it change? the company pays a cost of the insurance and the employees pay a portion of the cost of insurance.

- having a plan that you onlly pay a $40 co pay is from the "dark ages".
The company was probably going bankrupt by offering such great insurance benefits.
The company had to adjust the plan so it was more affordable in today's health care market.
(Note: did you read this statement: isn't it better for your father to have a job, than be out of work because the cost of insurance was too high).

- Reread your new policy = most likely it says after a $750 deductible is met the insurance company will pay 80% and you have to pay 20%.
Otherwise the plan went from SUPER SUPER SUPER GOOD to downright awful and I doubt they did that.
If it did go to $750 deductible and 20% copay, that is still an excellent plan.

Have you talked with your dad about this? If he was paying attention at work, he would have been told "why" they did this.
Maybe the cost he was paying from his paycheck even decreased.

You are 23 years old, from previous questions, you aren't a teenager, these costs are not astronomical.
Increase your income to be able to pay.

The letter you received is only a heads up.
The insurance company wants to make sure they aren't paying for treatment that should be covered by workers compensation or a company's liability plan.
Since this does not apply to your situation, you can ignore it.
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Why Did My Dads Insurance Policy Change?

Postby Kolt » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:01 am

i dont know what to do, and its not fair that i cant go visit a specialist since i dont have much money. i called up a specialist i had to go to this past week and asked them how much would a visit cost without insurance and they said from $200-$350 and aside if you need lab work its applies the same .

should i call my dads insurance or go in and ask his employer why this is being done, its not fair that people who are hard working have to deal with higher costs and people who dont work and are lazy dont see rises in their copay's,insurance, or even dont pay anything out of pocket
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