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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Macklin » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:53 am

They're everywhere, Yahoo, CNN, ect.

I dont care if it had been Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump or Herman Cain.

I voted for Obama for many reasons.

Halted the free fall of the economy ( if you look at the graph it literally looks like a penny falling off a table. It was going straight down with Bush and many experts thought it was going to get a LOT worse. )

Taxes for the middle class were at their lowest in over 60 years.

Iraq war ended

Auto Industry saved

Bin Laden taken down.

Health Care law passed.

You dont have to agree with me but Democrats were happy with him. .....Maybe the fact that Mitt Romney would all of a sudden lie and change what he was deeply passionate about month to month depending on what was popular may have also had a little bit of play.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Eddison » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:56 am

The gop honestly thought they had the presidency bought and paid for.

American voters gave them a shock.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Ciqala » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:57 am

Sadam was dethroned in six months, was more like policing & nation building that would really require a century or more to reshape Iraq in the Image of the U.S. which is not affordable. The pledge was a complete full out after taking office in 9 months, then a year & a half which ended up 3 years which was negotiated by the previous administration with the Iraqis as this administration failed their own negotiation for a status of forces agreement to keep troops in Iraq.

GM wasted 3 stimulus attempt in 6 months, what saved GM was a structured bankruptcy (should have happened the first time or before) closing hundreds of dealership, employees taking some cuts with some lay offs, reduction of domestic production, boosting production in factories overseas (out sourcing ring a bell?), S45Billion tax credits, Shifting Tarp money to stocks rather than help pay U.S. debt, importing production & parts back to U.S., U.S. production are Just partially made in the U.S.A 10% - 20% just assembled or designed in the U.S.A. keeping some assemblers, designers, engineers, & management employed securing Union dues, making Union bosses happy. More would be employed if the rest of the 80% were made in the U.S.A. but production cost makes it less affordable. Ford seems to be more efficient. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424... http://nlpc.org/stories/2012/06/12/akers... http://nlpc.org/stories/2012/02/16/gm-pa...


No foreign policy, military, nor executive experience before being elected 2 years in the senate takes credit for what his subordinate are actually doing while he leads from behind skipping security briefings over celebrities, parties, dinners, & concerts. It took him some convincing to take a course of action with UBL but not without a scenario to blame a General/Admiral if the course of action goes awry using intelligence obtained & special operations command inherited & established by predecessors. Any body in the office would Approve right away especially the Generals & Admirals if there was no need for them to go through a chain of command.

Paneta acting as the team owner, JOSC, Pentagon, Air force intel, Generals, Admirals as coaches, assistant coaches, & coordinators. The Navy Seals were the players in the field.

More bureaucratic red tape resulting in longer waiting time, sell practicing physicians, & possible rationing. Another tax on everyone employed or self employed similar to a sales tax & inflation/hyper inflation that was passed by a very partisan (D) controlled Congress & Senate 2007 - 2011 (exempting themselves from coverage) extending 6 months unemployment benefits to 1 year then 2 years until unseated in 2011 without ever passing a balance budget under the incumbent's administration, Unions, restaurants (pelosi's district), & both legislative house exempting themselves with waivers & bureaucratic privilege.


Will unemployment benefit ever return to 6 months? FDR didn't spoil the unemployed with 2 years of benefits & it dropped to 4.5% in the previous admin until the housing bubble burst tanks to Housing Realtors lobby for the Community Reinvestment act, Barney Frank praising Sub Prime loans sold by countrywide with christ dodd support along with frank raines, fannie mae & fredie mac. Student loan bubble may burst having similarities with the housing bubble, & the same towards Alpaca raising that is yet to burst.

More borrowing & spending did not cut the deficit in half at the end of the 1st term. The unpatriotic $9 or $10 trillion debt is not at $5 or $7.5 trillion dollars but in $16+ trillion dollars & it will be $20 - 23 trillion. Nor did it grow the economy at 7% to 10% as it was back in the 80s.

The general welfare of any sovereign is for the governing body to protect its Sovereign from foreign or domestic threats to protect its way of life from abruptly changing its costumes, language, rights, prestige & rule of law into a foreign sovereign's will, domineering or not. A sovereign concern is for the prosperity of its self reliance through its citizens self reliance/economic freedom & defend that self reliance/economic freedom with a strong military/law enforcement, to provide a safe environment for its law abiding citizen & business to live & exist in, respecting each others property through commerce & trade using currency or property in return. Governance must not curry favor to some (subsidies, exemption, waivers, & credits) & should keep everyone honest by crushing corruption, grand theft of blue/white collar & inside jobs, smuggling/trafficking & heinous crimes in order for fairness to flourish on a level playing field of opportunity.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby videl97 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:00 am

The Republicans never had a chance because when your not living in reality your not living. I voted for Barack Obama because of all the reasons you mention above. You can only know and understand those reasons if you are living in the real world verse living in the1800's
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Fernham » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:01 am

Despite all the efforts by Republicans to keep people dumb by defunding education, enough were smart enough to see through their lies and vote.

Plain and simple, Republicans lied about virtually everything and people knew it. Their own policies for government failed before and will fail forever. They don't know how to run a government.

It wasn't all Mitt but the entire Republican platform and administration.

The most humorous part is that they believed their own lies and planned a victory party.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Blathma » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:06 am

Nobody since FDR won with unemployment so high.
They thought that was their ticket to the White House, but it ain't that simple.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Loyal » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:07 am

Why can't the democrats be graceful winners as if the term winner is appropriate. This wasn't a game show, its the highest office in the country and all this talk about winning and losing seems a little wrong.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Rankin » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:10 am

That's how out of touch with reality the right is, they really thought they were going to win. No matter what the polls said, or Nate Silver, they just keep thinking Romney would win in a landslide. Things like facts or math to them were part of a left wing plot. Which is why they can continue to call for policy's that don't work no matter that history has shown over and over they are wrong.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Isiah » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:11 am

Those are all good reasons to vote for Obama. There's also a reason to vote against the Republicans:

1. Spend $2 T on Stealth Fighters and then keep in the garage

2. Make rich people richer will create jobs LOL

3. No abortions and no Obamacare. Therefore these additional welfare babies they want can't even

get health insurance.

4. Rapists are not doing God's work! How stupid can you be?

5. Obama saved 3.5 million jobs with TARP - Not one Repub voted for it.

No wonder they lost.
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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby chai » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:16 am

Because there were so many people who were living in a fantasy world that he was going to win with a landslide.
They paid no attention to any poll that said Romney was behind, calling Nate Silver every name in the book.
Those at the top thought the billion dollars in outside money would be enough to buy the election.
They ignored the feelings that were raised by their trying to stop certain groups of people from voting, which ended up with a reaction of "Hell, no, I'm not going home till I vote!"

They will never be able to look at Romney the way we did, as someone with no moral core, who said whatever he thought his particular audience wanted to hear, who did things like bus in blacks from New York so he could get some cheers at the NAACP convention, then telling a group the next day that they had booed him because he wanted to take their "stuff" away.
They will never understand that we remembered that he had signed the Personhood Pledge, which means every time he said he didn't want to take birth control away, he was lying.
They will never understand that we looked at him and saw absolutely nothing new from all the Republicans before him, just the same old "Tax cuts fix everything" and "I will tell you what to do with your bodies."
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