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Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Why Are There So Many Questions Asking Why Romney Lost?

Postby Jenny-lee » Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:36 am

In the last 4 years the US dollar has lost 17% of its value. Prices have skyrocketed on basic goods yet workers aren't getting paid any more, infact many actually had to take pay/benefit cuts.

Iraq war hasn't ended as we are still in Iraq, its just not called a war anymore.

Auto Industry has left the US, most US plants closed and moved to China or elsewhere. The only company that recovered really is Ford which is the only company that didn't take a bailout. How is losing all those jobs to another country saving the US Auto Industry?

Bin Laden wasn't even a call of Obama. Obama wasn't even made aware of the move until the team was already on route. Its a strict military chiefs victory, not an Obama victory and Obama has NOTHING to do with it.

Healthcare costs since the Healthcare Law was passed have gone up 21%. Health care costs are expected to rise another 17% in the next 2 years. The US's Healthcare was already 4 years ago 5x higher then any other country in the world with worse standards then the #2 and #3 Healthcare country.

Obama has gone after every attempt by states to secure the border and stop illegal immigration. Obama has weakened the border patrol and passed more deferals then even Reagan in 1987 with Mass Amnesty then. Obama is demanding we give legal status to 12 million illegal aliens with no legal right to be in the country who he believes are more important then millions of legal immigrants and other potential immigrants who have been waiting in line for years. However he only wants mass Amnesty and still doesn't want to secure the border along with it. His record deportations if you check I.C.E are deferals which simply release and ask said illegal alien to voluntarily leave. His actual numbers of deportations are 1/8th of what his administration reports.

Democrats we're happy because they were misinformed. If you actually found out what he was doing you'd leave the Democrat party just as I did and go independent. Now I'm no Romney fan but anything is better then Obama. However you don't know that as you don't do your homework and simply believe what liberal Media tells you about your Saviour and Chief. Wake up and smell the sh*t.
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