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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby Hekli » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:35 am

I live in Northern CO, and I own a Labrador-Pitbull mix named Chopper. He's around seven years old, and we adopted him when he was around three, we call him Chopper because he was raised as a fighting dog in Greeley, he hates other dogs and will kill them. They chopped of one of his ears (hence forth Chopper.) and he is great with people but has significant problems with other dogs.

The other night after boating on the lake we went to a restraunt to eat, my father and I sat outside with my dog getting ready to eat. We had his leash tied to a pole, and then we saw another dog. It was a German Shephard and as soon as he saw it he started to bark. This got the other dog so he came over to say hi, to Chopper not barking or anything just wagging his tail. And thats when Chopper attacked he immediantly latched onto the other dogs neck and started to try to kill the other dog. I immediantly stepped in and grabbed my dog and put a wrestling half on him and wrenched to get him off the other dog. The other dogs owner runned over and pulled his dog out, my dad put his knee into chopper and we got him off. The man got his dog and ran over to his car, some people helped him get the dog in his car and he drove off. Chopper had probably caused some serious damage and he was probably racing off to the vet. He haven't heard from him, we pinned chopper to the ground and put his collar back on him that he slipped out off, and while we held him down he even tried to bite me so my dad hit im straight on the head because he was still acting rabid. We ran him to the car and locked him inside. He was fine, and just panting after the whole thing.

My dad and I recognise the problem and realise we must get him to change his behavior towards other dogs. We don't know how to though, where can we go or what can we do to make him behave with other dogs? We used to own a female German Shephard that died recently that was his best friend and they never fought although we owned her before we owned Chopper. She dominated him though too, and when we first bought him are oldest German Shepherd Orno dominated him too and they never had a problem. Is he just trying to protect us? by being over protective? and can we make him a social dog. He has attacked other dogs before this too.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby oliphant23 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:36 am

He's not trying to protect you, no. He's trying to protect himself, as he thinks the other dog is a threat.

You knew he was aggressive, so I'm just going to assume he slipped his muzzle at the same time as he slipped his collar. I'm also going to assume that you asked the German Shepherds' owner to get his dog away because your dog was aggressive, and the guy ignored you.

At this point, you get a better fitting muzzle, more secure collar (harness, choke collar, martingale collar, whatever you like), stronger leash and a trainer. You can speak to your vet and get recommendations for professional trainers, or you can find a behaviourist the same way and get a recommendation from them.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby Byrtel » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:41 am

I learn that the UK has licensing standards for breeders, and many others. Until we begin spaying and neutering our animals and being liable there can be too many. Buying puppies from puppy shops and BYBs give a contribution to the trouble on account that puppies take a seat in shelters at the same time those mutts are being bought and the puppies in shelters are stopping different puppies from being capable to enter a safe haven.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby Sulalit » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:42 am

bred and raised to fight dogs

never leave unsupervised around other dogs

may need to muzzle when off property

have to find a professional trainer to work with him
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby finnbar » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:43 am

You need to keep him away from other dogs.
He is DOG AGGRESSIVE and you are doing yourself and Chopper a pretty serious disservice by allowing him to interact with other dogs when he has attacked not one but several.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby derik21 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:47 am

He sees other dogs as a threat to his survival.
By his training, he's conditioned such that the sight of another dog sends his brain into fight-or-flight mode, and his genetics and experience all tell him to stand and fight instead of run.
When he gets into that mode, there is no sight or sound, or smell, and no degree of pain that will distract him from his mission.
That is by design, not by accident or coincidence.
It's what enables him to do the job he was trained to do.

As is the case with trained fighting dogs, he has no problems with humans and other family members of all species, including dogs.
Although I wouldn't be rushing out to get another dog -- we don't really know what's going on his brain to enable him to view your other pet dog as friend instead of foe.

Do some research into "counter conditioning" and "desensitization." Then hire a behaviorist and a trainer (not just a trainer, you really need a behaviorist), this does not sound like a DIY project at all.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby Skelly » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:55 am

You know you have a problem. It is up to you to make it stop. You must keep your dog separate from other dogs at all times. Always on a leach or in a fenced yard when not in the house and when on a leach the dog must be in your immediate control, not tied off some place. Dogs that are tied feel like they are trapped and are much more likly to bite and fight. I love pit bulls and rescue but a dog that was trained to fight is very different from one that was just a dog that was in a home setting and a dog that was trained to fight needs to have much more precautions taken. You must get a qualified trainer to help you. Many dogs can be taught to be more dog tolerant but others cannot. Remember not to tie a dog and the leach must me in your hands with you standing between the dogs and giving a loud warning to the other dog and owner long before that dog gets near and your dog should be so well trained that under duress the dogs will remain in a down stay position. Training please.
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Where To Go To Fix My Dogs Problem With Other Dogs.?

Postby Lok » Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:00 am

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