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What Would Happen If I Refuse To Be Weighed?

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What Would Happen If I Refuse To Be Weighed?

Postby Birley » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:01 pm

They would question on why you do not want to be weighed, ask you questions on how you have been eating and things. They cannot force you do do anything you do not want to but they make take it as a red flag warning and they may jump to bigger things like hospitalisation. I know when I was at CAHMS a few time I refused to be weighed (Have EDNOS too), refused to show them my arms (self harm) and refused to tell them of any of my thoughts, they took it serious and I landed 2 months in a psych ward.

But again, they cannot force you and they cannot put you in hospital unless you are a clear danger to yourself or others. They will probably just question you on it. Good luck x
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What Would Happen If I Refuse To Be Weighed?

Postby Baran » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:03 pm

it is up to you - they would just write in your notes
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What Would Happen If I Refuse To Be Weighed?

Postby Kolskeggr » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:04 pm

what's your good judgment? Do you think of your weight or much less is the appropriate, or will furnish extra income? The data are as such, you will stay your existence in contact approximately nutrition, your weight, and your physique image, and all people else will see you as a tragic case, they might no longer assume which you're suffering with annorexia, yet they're going to see that something is misguided on your existence to be as sickly skinny as you're. Do you have almost no power, have project exerting your self bodily? those are the signs and indicators your physique is displaying you to declare "supply me greater power, i can't run off what i'm being given". power comes from nutrition, carbohydrates, protien, and fat, all of that are had to help human existence. while you're reducing out nutrition communities, supplementations, minerals, your psychological state will go through, so while you will possibly be able to sense which you're doing something for the greater appropriate, you're rather ruining your physique, your concepts, and finally your existence! Please do no longer turn your back on the only people who can assist you, whilst there continues to be time to repair harm achieved on your physique, your therapist is barely looking out for you, please have faith that there's a greater appropriate thank you to stay, learn the data, locate out how the physique works, how possible consume a healthful weight loss software without overlooking specific nutrition.
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What Would Happen If I Refuse To Be Weighed?

Postby Chandler » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:06 pm

Well i don't think that they could physically force you but it's probably in your best interest to just do it
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