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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Postby Redding » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:02 am

Just to clearify things, I'm a student on a Balletschool. We don't have teachers, we have mentors. They are also musicians when we have contemporary lessons. The school does not have many students so everyone knows everyone. My mentor and this particular mentor are very good friends, i think they grew up together, they're in their 40s now. They're also like second parents to us since we practically live in the school ( we're there from day to night). SO...

I'm certain that he has some kind of feelings towards me but i want opinions on what to do! The school programe is built in a way that makes it diffucult to avoid him, I have him 2-3 times a week on every contemporary lesson (he plays the drums) and i see him everyday in the corridors, in the dining hall etc.

A summary just so you get the picture: In year 1 we almost never spoke to each other, we did'nt have any reason to until one day when i was supposed to give him a message from an other teacher. This was the first time we spoke to each other, even though he obviously saw me everyday in school, dancing lessons etc. After that he kept looking at me. Very innocently so i didn't care. Over time when we had ballet lessons he would be standing outside the door (the doors have windows) and just stare at me when i had ballet..that was awkward.

In year 2 (17 years old) we were suppose to have drumming lessons with him, this was the first time we started to actually talk to each other, even outside of class. Like when i passed him in the halls he would say something funny, or sit beside me at lunch sometimes. Sometimes he would lay his hand on my shoulder,pat me on the back or gently pull my hair to get my attention(you have to remember that for us this was not as serious as it is in a regular school, we hug our mentors all the time and stuff like that) When it really hit me that this was not something innocent anymore was when i graduated year 2 and we were about to say goodbye for the summer holidays, he hugged me, and didn't let go. I think we hugged for 8-10 secs which is very long. I think i pulled back 2-3 times cause i obviously thought the hug was over but he just...and it also was a full body embrace (many people were around to see). That summer i found him on Facebook. I couldn't help by look at the things he wrote. He wrote things like " life is just a test" and sad things about wanting something you can't have.

I know theese things were about me, i just know:S

Now I'm about to graduate year 3 and i will never see him again after that. I have never led him on or anything, just kept ignoring the things he's done. Don't get me wrong though, i genuinly care for him, like all other students here. But now he seems really depressed, i even saw him with tears in his eyes the other day when we passed each other, he couldn't even talk. He says things that indicates that he has feelings towards me like the other day. My friend joked and said loudly that i was drunk (I'm not drinking alcohol) and he heard it and said behind me "drunk on love maybe". I turned around and laughed but he looked dead serious. Almost like he was about to cry again.

I just want you to know that he is a very nice human being. I admire him and i love his personality. He has never done anything wrong towards me, That is why i hate to see him like this! I will be gone soon and it seems to break his heart! What do i do? Can i say something that will help? I love him as a person but not more, and he's too old for me.. it seems like it's eating him up from the inside! Help :(
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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Postby Henwas » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:06 am

Listen, you're gonna meet many desperate, heart broken or depressed people in life. This guy is just the first of many to come in your path. You can't open your heart to them all. Sometimes you have to let them go and wish the best for them.
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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Postby Sealey » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:07 am

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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Postby Bodil » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:17 am

It doesn't really seem like he's being creepy (saying innapropriate things, touching you, etc.) but still, you are right, he is FAR too old for you. Technically, it's pedophilia. It seems like you have a bond with him (obviously not a romantic one), so I can imagine you don't want to get some people involved in fear he will get in trouble. But like you said, you're graduating soon, so you'll never really see him again. I understand that maybe you'll feel horrible, but just wait it out. Then it'll all be over. And if he does do anything I mentioned first, as far as being creepy, then you definitely need to get someone involved.
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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Postby Aldric » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:26 am

very consumer-pleasant, yet do not act on it. do no longer proposition your instructor. do no longer do the "wiggle dance" for her in college. do no longer strip and throw your self on her table yelling "teach ME! OH teach ME!" And please, do no longer take a photo of her and photoshop her head on precise of a nude image you discover on-line then submit it for your facebook.
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