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What Should I Use And Do To Look, Smell, Feel Good?

What Should I Use And Do To Look, Smell, Feel Good?

Postby Terrence » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:48 pm

I'm a 14 year old guy. I'm around 5'4 (162 cm) and weigh around 120 lbs (54 kg) my BMW is around 21 I think.

Firstly, I get really dry, itchy, oily, flaky scalp. In class or whatever it gets really oily and itchy, and I scratch it when I'm bored or whatever, I know it's gross, so what shampoos or conditioners or things should I use that will work for me? :)

Secondly, I get really oily face, and hands at school, during the day, what moisturizer/lotion/body wash should I use to combat this?

I also get really dry face and hands after a shower but then during the day it gets oily? What do I do or use to stop this?

My teeth aren't perfectly straight or crystal white like I'd like them to be. I am lazy. I usually brush my teeth once a day, but I'm trying to brush them twice like I used to. I never floss because I don't feel the need to. What toothbrush, and toothpaste or floss do you recommend, I want to have nice teeth. Also what mouth wash should I use? I heard there is a kids listerine? I want to have a nice smelling breath, and a healthy mouth, should I use breath fresheners or anything to make it smell nice? I don't want to have bad breath

Also, I want a nice looking haircut, my hair is brown and I'm a guy so it's got a fringe and the sides go past my ears. I want to have a nice haircut, I like the messy look, but not too messy, I like the swoosh wave look down to the right across my face with the sides flying up. I want a nice haircut. I don't want a haircut like every other kid my age, with the same haircut to fit in, I just want one to make me happy.

Is there any sites that have galleries or pictures of different haircuts for guys? Maybe even my age?

Also, I have acne all over my face, arms, thighs, and a little on my chest and back. How do I get rid of the acne all over my body and face? I feel horrible going to school or in public looking ugly like this. I'm not ugly, I'm just saying, it doesn't help my body image, and I don't really have any self esteem. How do I feel good, not just look it? :) I need confidence, I'm pretty shy, I want a girlfriend. Self pity, and shyness won't help that. So how? :)

Also, I feel short for my age, I'm 5'4 ish with shoes on, but I am like on the 30-40 percentile. I'm not sure. Ill have to check. When I was a baby I was 60th percentile but in 4th grade, I had Gillian-barre syndrome (look it up, it was painful slow paralysis, i am of risk of getting it again, and i cant take any vaccines or tetanus or flu shots ever which puts me at great risk as well) which probably halted my growth, so I was on the 10 percentile or something.

I want to be 6 foot like my dad. I wanna be tall enough, just the right height. My mum is 5'3 and a bit and my dads 6'0 which I wanna get to.

I get around 8 - 7 hours sleep usually. I wake up around 6 - 6:30 ish and go to bed anywhere from 9:30 - 12:30 am. I grow a lot on the holidays when I can sleep for as long as I like but as I do not live in the northern hemisphere it's the middle of winter, no holidays yet! The next are the 2 week spring break in 9 weeks in September I think. I don't sleep a lot as I'm from a broken family so always like yelling and fighting and stress and emotional abusive behavior and stuff like that. I am use to home and school, I hate both. Sleeping and being alone and being online and playing with my electronics and learning about the world and drawing and my cat and playing and listening to music are my hobbies, to escape and feel better :) I love them :)

Anyway, I really want to be tall. I want to get lots of sleep and lots of healthy food and tons of exercise.

I like to ride my bike and that's all the exercise I ever get, apart from running for buses or trains in the afternoon if that counts haha, I ride maybe once a week in winter, and every afternoon in summer after school when the sun sets late and I get home at 4:30 ish so plenty of time!

I want to learn self defense and I like martial arts. I was thinking of jujitsu, aikido, or Kung fu I don't know. I wanna do one that will make me feel at peace learn self defense and get healthy

I want to be muscular and look good, what martial art or sports or things I can do to be muscular and get a. Ice upper body, I am worried about lifting weights its dangerous as I'm growing and young

I also shave my privates and underarms as I don't like the hair there simply put. What razor should I use? I will start shaving in a few years or even months, so what do I do there? And don't make fun of me, I used to shave my legs when I rode my bike because the wind against it felt smooth. But not anymore.

I am straight, by the way so how do I get the girl I like, who likes me to, I think, to go out with her? :)

Sorry this question was so long but I covered everything, so if you could please answer these it would
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What Should I Use And Do To Look, Smell, Feel Good?

Postby Leathlobhair » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:49 pm

-well use luck warm water to wash ur hair and use the shampoo for all of ur hair and wash it all out then use conditioner for the tips of ur hair and wash it all out, use cold water at the end, wash ur hair every other day.

-use sugar to exfoliate your face every 3 days and use apple cider vinegar mixed with water 1 part vinegar 3 parts water. and rinse ur face with that everyday once a day before u go to sleep. and use aveeno moisturizer before u sleep and leave it over night and rinse it off in the morning.

-use a whitening toothpaste, brush 10 mins after every meal, if u snack throughout the day then once when u wake up, once at 12:30 and once before bed. and floss because theres stuff between ur teeth that the toothbrush can't get and flossing adds a year to ur life. and mouthwash doesn't do anything i learned that in biology. bad breath mostly comes from inside ur body not just ur mouth so drink at least 8 cups of water a day and eat fruits and veggies like candy.

-go to ur hair dresser and ask them what they recommend because they know and they will pick the best one in style that u like and that is right for ur face shape

-google is good for everything

-exfoliate, apple cider vinegar and aveeno, same as above, do not every pop, pick, pinch, touch ur pimple they go deeper in the skin and get worse.

-exercise and be vegan u will go to the max. 80 percent cardio and 20 percent weights.

-sleep for 9 hrs 3 sleep cycles is the perfect amount.

i hope this helps
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What Should I Use And Do To Look, Smell, Feel Good?

Postby Sinjin » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:51 pm

Ps. What deodorant or antiperspirant should I use? I want to smell good. I have used Mitchum unstinted roll on, doesn't work, and I am currently using lynx (axe) dry dark temptation spray and it smells nice like chocolate. I only spray s tiny bit, but I don't sweat heavily under my arms and it smells nice. It isn't noticeable from other people. I cant even smell it myself, I only use the tiny bit, I know that most lynx stinks bad, and chocolate is the only one I like. Only a tiny bit, as a lot like most other teenage boys stinks and makes you want to throw up.

Should I use a roll on or spray? What brand? Should I keep using lynx or not. I don't want to smell gross with Bo, but I don't want to have a bad deodorant smell. So what antiperspirant should I use? I like the chocolate smell, should I keep using it or not, and in roll on or spray? I just want to smell good, or not at all.

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