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What Should I Expect At This Eating Disorder Unit?

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What Should I Expect At This Eating Disorder Unit?

Postby Shan » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:13 am

Just today my doctor diagnosed me with bulimia and she is referring me to CAMHS eating disorder unit as an urgent case, as well as getting a blood test. I have suffered for a long time and also have severe depression, and have panic attacks often. So I just want to know what will happen? Will I just get sent to a therapist, or will I get proper analyses from a psyciatrist, or anything else?

Thank you.
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What Should I Expect At This Eating Disorder Unit?

Postby Pelltun » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:20 am

Im bulimic! i wish i was getting help!

So well done for seeking help :)

Thats the first step to recovery.

I was refered to CAMHS for self harm! But i chose not to go. The school nurse also said i should go for bulimia ( at the time i wasnt purging a lot ) And again, i didnt want to go!! :(

But i totally wish i did!

And for me now at almost 17, its going to be a lot harder if i keep this up till im 18 because as soon as im 18 and seek help, it would have to be at adult clinics! :(

Maybe there will be councillors there. And they will talk things through, about how your ed may have developed and how you can try and over come your problems. And with the blood test, i think that will check if your anemic and have low potassium levels because purging all the time is causing you to get low potassium levels which is very dangerous! Google about low potassium leves! :)

I hope it goes well for you :) you deserve to be happy and free from this illness :)

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What Should I Expect At This Eating Disorder Unit?

Postby Huxeford » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:30 am

Im not sure about that eating disorder clinic,

but I've been to linden oaks in naperville IL for my eating disorder

basically, you get therapy, a psychiatrist, there is group therapy, you have to follow a certain meal plan

its not as scary as some people think
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