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What Is Wrong With My Rat? Please Help, Urgent!?

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What Is Wrong With My Rat? Please Help, Urgent!?

Postby Whytlok » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:43 pm

I have a 2 year and 4 month old male fancy rat named Onix. Just before the Christmas break he was 2.5lbs and his weight has been deteriorating to a small and skinny 1lb. He has not had any change in diet, exercise etc. The fur is not thinning, he is completely going bald in patches on his back. His fur seems a bit sticky in the roots in that area, and I can see a yellowish powder-like substance on the roots. Where the powder is, you can literally pluck the hairs right out. He started with a small patch that I thought was normal thinning, but now he has noticeable bald spots. The bottom patch of the skin has a darker orangish/brown, and the skin is starting to look red. He is not in pain, or itching but I find this really odd/scary.

He is also not using his back legs properly (he didn't when he was overweight either, but now that he's thin he still doesn't want to use them). He is not paralyzed, I checked his legs, feet etc with no pain. I know he can move them, but he prefers to slide on his belly everywhere.

I know my little guy is old, and this is breaking my heart. I will be attempting to bring him to the vet tomorrow, but is there any house-hold items that I can put on the bald patches to sooth the skin?

Have you seen this before in your rats? Do you know what's wrong with him? HELP
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What Is Wrong With My Rat? Please Help, Urgent!?

Postby Kerwin » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:44 pm

It could be mites and you definitely need to take him to a vet, it might also be oil build up. Perhaps give him a little bath. He probably needs some steroids or antibiotics to perk him up.

A common problem in older rats is the degeneration of hind leg function, and if that's what your boy has then you're going to have to decide if he's happy to trundle about like that or if it's actually not fair; some rats are fine to carry on trundling, but you know your pet and you'll know if he's unhappy.

Chances are your rat won't respond to pain, they're very hardy and have low pain perception anyway.
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