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What is kaposi's sarcoma?

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What is kaposi's sarcoma?

Postby drury35 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:35 am

what type of cancer is it actually is?plz explain...
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What is kaposi's sarcoma?

Postby marwood » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:42 am

Symptoms of Kaposi's Sarcoma
There are no general symptoms of early KS. In the epidemic form, KS may be the first sign of AIDS, or, the first lesion may follow an illness of months or years. During this time, the patient may have had non-specific symptoms such as fever, weight loss and sweating. Possibly there were other illnesses, such as lymphoma or tuberculosis, before the first KS lesion developed.

Once the disease occurs, symptoms relate to the site of involvement. Early and more advanced skin lesions are usually only mildly uncomfortable, although painful ulcers may occur.

Lesions in the gastrointestinal tract are very common but rarely cause significant symptoms. Early lesions in the lung have no symptoms either, but severe lung involvement produces a profound air hunger.
Neither surgical removal of the first-detected lesion nor obtaining a complete remission of multiple sites with chemotherapy or other techniques results in cure.

Instant Diagnosis*of any Disease and or the affected organ[s]---even Cancer, HIV/AIDS or any Incurable Disease/Syndrome with the aid of acupressure maps.
U may study the details, discuss with Ur family members and friends and understand the concept of ‘Acupressure’ and confirm for Urself, if U or anybody else has cancer/hiv and the affected organs.

Cancer, lupus, HIV/AIDS, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, etc., —Common Symptoms:
Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, FATIGUE-getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s].

Remote control acupressure points to diagnose Cancer, hiv/AIDS, or any disease- Point Nos.1-10 -----1 [brain], 2 [Mental Nerves], 3 [Pituitarygland], 4 [Pineal gland], 5 [Head Nerves], 6 [Throat], 7 [Neck], 8 [Thyroid & Parathyroid], 9 [Spine], 10 [piles-constipation], , Point Nos.11-16, No.11 [Prostrate gland], 12 [Penis], 13 [Vagina], 14. Testes & Ovaries], 15 [Uterus], 16 [Lymph], 37 [spleen].

Diagnosis--With the help of maps published herein, hard press these points with Ur thumb and middle finger and find out if all/most of acu points are tender. If all these or most of these points are very painful on thumb pressure, it means one has cancer/hiv/dreaded disease[s]. Suppose, point no. 11 [prostate] along with no.8 [thyroid, 16 [lymph], then it is prostate cancer. If point no. 27 [stomach] along with point no.8,16, then stomach cancer/ulcer, etc.,
Prevention & Cure: Remote control Acupressure points given by the God. For Treatment and perceivable relief , hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger.

Dorsal side of Palms & soles:
In the middle of dorsal side of Ur palm, the remote control point for the breast is given. On hard pressing by Ur thumb and middle finger, if it hurts, U may feel that U/she have/has breast cancer. If U press the surrounding area on both palms regularly three times a day and then breast cancer shall not grow further. Acupressure & Indian Natural Remedies can cure breast cancer safely & totally.

Cure is available by Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies.

PS:If satisfied/benefited with, U may inform others to browse ‘Yahoo Answers’ on any health issue.

Source: ‘HEALTH IN UR HANDS’ [Vol.I & II] available in all Indian Languages all over the globe] by Dr.Devendra Vora, DSc.,MD.,FRCP.,---an octogenarian & the pioneer in Acupressure in India.
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What is kaposi's sarcoma?

Postby leannan » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:49 am

Kaposi's sarcoma is a cancer of the connective tissue that manifests itself as purplish spots on the skin. It is one of the conditions that is often connected to the HIV virus. Prior to the AIDS epidemic, Kaposi's sarcoma was most frequently seen in elderly men of Jewish or Mediterranean background.

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What is kaposi's sarcoma?

Postby deacon » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:00 am

There are four types of this disease. Here is a link that you can read about all four of them. I have a couple more links so you can see and read some of the effects of this disease and treatments.

Hope it helps!

Added a really good link that is easy reading!
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