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What I should I do for her? Please help!?

What I should I do for her? Please help!?

Postby takeo » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:17 pm

Hey everyone.
I'll try to make a long story short as best I can but please bare with me.
There was a time when I was always lonely and low, so I tried my best to gain self confidence. But then I met this girl, and she's had a huge impact on my life, and she barely knows it.
She was really shy at first, she'd look at me while talking, then look down, then back up. She has amazing eyes, alot of guys don't see it, but I do. What really blew me away abuout her, is that even tough she was shy around me, she eventually came round, she's such a lovely girl! I love her personality to bits,
So there was a time when we talked, and laughed, but I never went any further for a number of reasons.
--I've never had a girlfriend, or Been kissed, I'm 15, and I've been waiting for someone special, and I strongly believe it's her, yet my friends have been doing sexual things for years now, I don't want to be like them, I want to respect this lady.)
--My reputation, I was automatically deemed that gay lonely guy and it's been sticking with me throughout my 5 years at this school, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, it's her I'm worried about, how'd she feel and her friends think of her etc, I don't want to make her feel embarrassed, ashamed etc.

One day at school, she leaned over to look at me, and I looked in her eyes, suddenly time stopped, all I could see was her, I could hear nothing. It felt like minutes, but was really a second to I could reply to her question, I couldnt speak, my heart skipped a beat!

So that Friday, I heard she was going to a club, I was hoping to meet her then tell her how I felt, so for the first time in a year I went clubbing. She wasnt there, I was really dissapointed.
The next week she went to a club, and since then, she doesn't look me in the eye or at all when we talk. She gives one word answers. She's changed, but I still feel the same about her. I think she's met Someone, and is deciding over the two of us, or, has chosen him and doesn't want anything to do with me. But won't say as he knows how I feels. --(There was a time she seemed low in class, so on Facebook tha night I asked if she was okay and if anything was bothering her)--(So she's bound to know I care about her right?)--

I love her to bits, I wanted her to be my first, but now chances of that seem slim.
So I've decided on what I'm going to do this week.
--Any classes we have, I'll talk to her about anything, if she seems low, as her how she's feeling, and if anythings bothering her, if she opens up, great, if not, I'll let her be, and I'll let her go.--
Does that sound good? I don't know what to do! I need your help.
Not a single part of me wants to let her go, we ain't even together! But, I respect her to much to keep pushing her, so if it's for her happiness, I'll go.
All I really want, is her happiness an well being, that means chances of me there are slim. I just want her happiness tough, she deserves the best, she's a wondeful girl. And if me being shattered inside means her being happy, I'll do it. It'll kill me, but. To see a smile on her face, even of it's with another guy, well, that'll make it worth something.
So guys, what should I do? I dream of us together, but I feel she doesn't. Should I talk to her or not? Please help.
Bottom line is, I respect her alot, I think the world of her. I want only what's best for her, too see her happy. That likely involves me not being there, but I'll make that cut for her. It's just, I've always Ben waiting for someone like her, and shes here! Surley we can both be happy right?
Thank you!
Also, I apologise for the extremely long worded question, but I really hope it helps you understand how I feel, and for those who took time time to read, thank you.
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What I should I do for her? Please help!?

Postby tse » Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:24 pm

"I'll try to make a long story short..."

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