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What Can I Replace Egg Whites With In My Diet?

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What Can I Replace Egg Whites With In My Diet?

Postby Brooksone » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:53 pm

I want to start bodybuilding. I'm putting great focus on nutrition. Every single diet plan for building muscle that I have looked at includes lots of eggs and egg whites! I really hate eggs, and I know how to get the egg whites out but it is really hard for me. I can't force myself to eat them. The only time I ever have eggs is in a recipe where I can't taste them. More than taste it's the texture that bothers me.

Are there any proteins to replace eggs and egg whites? Can you buy egg whites in a carton so you don't have to seperate them yourself? Or any healthy, clean recipes that I can mix them in with? I do not eat fish. The only meat I eat is chicken or ground beef, sometimes turkey. For other protein I drink whey protein.

I am a beginner obviously, haven't started anything yet... So please let me know what your experience is if you're going to answer!
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What Can I Replace Egg Whites With In My Diet?

Postby Eachthighearn » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:56 pm

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What Can I Replace Egg Whites With In My Diet?

Postby Barnie » Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:08 pm

Yes, egg whites is the staple of bodybuilding. It's the best type of protein you can get, and its dirt cheap!

So, if its the taste you don't like? You somehow have to get over it. Because its gonna help you get the amino acids you need in order to build some serious muscle.

But if your allergic, or something like that. Then you need to find alternatives. So basically, you need to suck it up and just eat it. Because it really is your best friend.

And yes, you can purchase egg whites in cartons. They sell those at any major grocery store. But understand, that those cartons cost a ton more then you actually, separating the egg whites yourself. So if your look to bulk and build muscle, it may cost you a bit more money.

I hope that helps.

Best of luck in your fitness!

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