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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Depression That I Have? Anyone 18/up?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Depression That I Have? Anyone 18/up?

Postby Carter » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:31 pm

I am 27 years old.. i am going through great depression right now, and i dont have anyone to talk to about this.. what is happening is that.. well i have extremely low self esteem. the main reason is because it seems that the devil is always with me and that is what people see in my eyes.. i get ignored, i get looked at by mean faces.. usually women.. and made fun of.. like today, i was walking to my class. i took a turn and a young lady around my age said excuse me sir.. ( she was with a guy and another girl ) when they took a couple of steps forward one of the girls said " omg, did you see his face.." they started laughing and the other girl said to her "your mean" and she said " well its true " for that reason i do not talk to anyone and i don't talk to know one. i try to stay as isolated as possible.. which is not a good thing, because i am at a point of suicide... these things that are happening to me did not start recently.. i have been bullied my whole life ( almost beaten to death several times for no reason..) i just want these problem to be over and i want to live a "NORMAL" life. i am single... mostly because women do not give me a chance so that i can show them who i am... i am the kind of guy who has a huge heart, respectful, kind,.. i have never in my life found some so that i can talk to, spoil, share my thoughts and feelings for her.. right now i have decided to forget women.. forget everyone in this world.. just going to live my own world until i can not take it anymore. which i am almost there...

to me the only possible explanation is that i am the most hideous person in the world. the way i see it is if it bothers people looking at me or passing by me.. ( the women who pass by me tend to the left or right wall while walking)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6670186695/in/photostream

What would you do if you spent your whole life suffering mentally because of other people?

thanks :/ ....

p.s. yesterday, i decided to go to the gym at the university that i go to.. i went to the section where the dumbbells were at.. i picked up a weight and started lifting.. a minute later i looked at a clock that was about five steps towards me.. as i was looking the girl that was working out was looking giving me a weird mean look, as if i was not wanted there.. so i just put the weights up and left...
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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Depression That I Have? Anyone 18/up?

Postby Anant » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:32 pm

You arent depressed, shut up. You arent ugly your like a -5.
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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Depression That I Have? Anyone 18/up?

Postby Pauloc » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:35 pm

wats up dude. im in the same position youre in and srtuggling with the same problems but if learned a lot of things over the years. i know it sucks when you dont have anyone to talk to about these things but isolation definitely makes it about 10 times worse. if youre like me women make you feel worse also and is a big enough part of what seems to such because youre already so sensitive to peoples opinions of you. im a straight male but ill say you not an ugly person (no homo). my 1st guess is to say your body language and facial expressions communicate your anxiety and thats what people react to. like that girl would just talk sh*t for no reason or that girl in the gym. they react to what seems like weakness or lack of confidence. its good that you work out because that seems to give me enough physical confidence to make me feel a little better about how i look. just keep at it

you cant really get rid of it as in cure it so it never comes back but you can work on how your mind works so that you can deal with it and live better and be happy dispite the things in your life.

thats the best i can tell you.

you can message me if you want to talk about stuff. because not having people who understand sucks

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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of This Depression That I Have? Anyone 18/up?

Postby Chilo » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:40 pm

Dude. Smile.

You were just about to begin your transformation at the gym. You have this fear of letting others intimidate you, even if they aren't trying to. I was very amazed that you were even able to start making some changes even with your depression, that takes a lot of heart and determination to do.

But you need to realize, people do want you there. Every body, just like you, wants a friend. You need to overcome this fear that people always reject you. Instead, try approaching people and smiling. Of course, you will get rejected sometimes, but they'll always be someone who'll return that smile of yours.

All I can say is, keep trying. You were almost there. You shouldn't give up. Once you've regained your confidence, I bet you're probably someone who can do anything.

So Good luck, and hope I helped you out ^^.
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