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What Body Type Do Indian Men Like?

What Body Type Do Indian Men Like?

Postby Norcross » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:29 am

I have a blind date soon set up by my friend. The guy is Indian. From India. I'm nervous because we have only exchanged pictures and i happen to look better in the pictures than i do in person. I didn't photoshop any of them. But for some reason my cheekbones look a lot better in the pictures. It makes me look better. And I'm also nervous because i don't really know what kind of body on a girl he likes. I'm not fat. But I'm not stick thin. i weigh 125 and I'm 5'2. A little curvy. I have body image issues. I use to suffer from an eating disorder. I'm just freaking out because I don't want him to not like me! He even said that he is afraid I will walk away from him.
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What Body Type Do Indian Men Like?

Postby Makolm » Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:43 am

There is no definite answer, American men like different kinds of women and so do Indian men. You are nervous about the date but so is he, that's completely normal but after a few minutes you both will get comfortable. Nobody is going to run away and unless he is a complete jerk he will be more concerned about you then your body.
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