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What Are My Chances Of Getting My Daughter Back?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

What Are My Chances Of Getting My Daughter Back?

Postby Heahweard » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:03 pm

Hello.. I am currently going through a court case to get my daughter back. Basically from being with my ex partner from the age of 17 I was emotionally abused by his parents and manipulated aswell as emotionally and physically abused by my ex partner. My domestic violence worker has this down on record for the courts, because of the extreme stresses in their household i became very ill shortly after my daughter was born with postnatal depression somedays his parents were fine with me, others they spoke poorly of me to my ex to then tell me for them to confuse me later. It was a vicious circle which then lead to me and my daughter going into a mother and baby unit. His parents promised they would always be there for me but when i went in the hospital they began ringing saying bad things that wernt true about me like 'i do nothing' ect later they said they didnt want me living with them because they couldnt deal with my depression but wanted lacey to stay. I was confused and upset at there request but was in a vulnerable state. I didnt get chance to recover as there was always his parents interfering. They tried getting a residence order but got refused in 2010 after i disclosed for months and months they were letting my ex come round, witness him beating me and not telling anyone despite social services telling them he was not allowed round as he was a Risk. My daughter was removed and put into foster care for a few months before myself and my ex partner got her back after he had sorted himself out. Later he got back on the drugs during having my daughter back and as things got worse i confided in his parents, they told me not to say anything and to sort it out myself otherwise if i said anything my daughter would get put up for adoption. I genuinly beleived them. Sometimes they would ignore the phone and become volitile with me but then they would be really nice other days, it left me feeling very confused in who i could trust. Later I had a break down and was put into hospital in the March 2011 were i admitted to my exs drug use and we decided she should go with her grandparents temporary. I then found the courage in May 2011 to leave my ex partner as for such a long time he told me if i left him id never see my daughter again, which i beleived. I knew different once I had been to domestic violence counciling and spoke to my solicitor. Now i feel like such a fool that I beleived any of him and his family, but aparently that was the control they had over me at that time. I finally left my partner after he tried to kill me and had no choice despite his words and fled. All he ever did was claim carers allowance as I am getting DLA for disabilty allowance and spent it on drugs and rather than caring for me he beat me but he said i couldn't tell anyone or he would make my life hell also if i left him. Despite all of this and what he tried to do to me, his parents still blame me and social services are worried about this as they are minimizing my exs actions and blaming me also. Now I beleive all they did was play on my illness (borderline personality disorder) for all those years causing me to have several break downs. Aswell as this they isolated me from my family and it got to a point during my post natal depression where i did ask 'may i hold my baby?' All this has gone on for four years, and my daughter has been born 2 years, ultimatly they ground me down but i didn't even realise it at the time. Now they have a interum residence order and are trying to take her away from me, they are saying i cant parent due to serious mental illness, which is untrue. I've been fine since moving back with my parents and have gained 3stone in weight. I looked after my daughter throughout it all even when i was severely depressed and never let her no i was down and carried on with playtime as normal and made sure she was well dressed ect. Me and my mum go to contact now and my exs parents send in 3 baby wipes in food carrier and a nappy all because once we accidently took the babywipes home. Its ridiculous to what extent they go, with whining over small things. My daughter has been with my exs parents for nearly a year now, what are my chances of getting her back? I am undergoing psychiatric assessments which are possitive and my parents are going if for residential order - IF i get refused, but we live together anyway. I only fear that because she has been with them nearly a year now this could limit our chances. I have a solicitor and mental health services aswell as domestic violence councilors backing me up but unsure all this could benefit massivly, i don't know :/ Help?
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What Are My Chances Of Getting My Daughter Back?

Postby Usbeorn » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:09 pm

Yeah, I didn't read any of that.

probably not.
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