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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Cord » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:11 am

Thank you all for your responses. I have taken her to the vet, and they suggested the Iams diet food, which she's eating in measured amounts as they suggested to me. I will have to try the foraging ball idea, that might be something she's interested in. As for the exercise, it would be best to have something that doesn't involve me, because any toy that I'm moving, or laser pointers etc, she just likes the fact that I'm playing with her and would rather try to get me to pet her. Instead of seeing the toys, she just sees me moving and wants to be next to me.
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Kachada » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:14 am

When it's feeding time, if your cat doesn't eat take the food from her so she doesn't have the option to come back and eat whenever she wants, leave a small bowl of biscuits though perhaps.

Is she quite a hunter? Would she chase much? Laser pointers and any bit of string makes my cats go crazy, keep up with the exercise just let her rest obviously or she'll get tired!
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby culbert » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:15 am

Well, if you can afford to let her outside, or on your deck, it's a good idea. I have an over-weight cat, which will finally be put on a diet next year after the other cat leaves with me so that cat can't steal the other's food.

I watched the cat's weight cycle over the years, and this is an indoor cat who is allowed to frequently venture outdoors. When she is allowed outdoors frequently, she typically loses five pounds.
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Cedrick » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:22 am

What kind of food is she on? There are some over the counter foods that could help with the weight. If she is on an over the counter food right now then you may want to check with your local vet. They can get her on a prescription food and tell you the right amount. When you look at the feeding guidelines you want to go with how much she she should weight and not how much she weights currently. If those things don't help try having her thyroid checked as that can make her gain weight. You can try to feed her rice but you have to feed her other things too. Cats can not survive on a vegetarian diet. They need meat in their diet and cat food has what they need.

Best of luck to you.
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Schylar » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:27 am

Q: Does my cat need to see a vet before starting an exercise plan or a diet?

A: It?s a good idea just to be sure there?s not something else going on. There are probably a dozen different causes of obesity in cats, ranging from overeating and overfeeding to inadequate activity, seasonal obesity, and even some drugs and diseases can cause weight gain.

I?d also like the vet to do an environmental history to make sure the cat isn?t fat just because it?s afraid to move - the dog is bothering it or the kids are pulling its tail every time it comes out. That?s actually fairly common. Owners need to know if their cat hides a lot, that?s not normal cat behavior. So we need to help them find a way to structure the home life so the cat is moving around and interacting with its environment.

Q: What kind of diet should my cat be on to lose weight?

A: If we want a cat to lose weight, we have to do two things. We have to think about what we feed him and we have to figure out how to make him more active. One easy way to do both is to feed out of a foraging device. These are small plastic containers with holes that we put the cat?s food in. The cat then has to play with the device to get the food to fall out. Cats will work for food, which a lot of owners don?t realize.

But remember, we never want to change an animal?s diet without asking their permission. And the way we ask permission is offer the new food or new feeding device alongside the old dish or food.

Owners also need to know that the food intake recommendations on pet food packaging labels are generally well above what most pets need to consume. Those recommendations were developed for intact, active animals, while most of the animals I see are sedentary, spayed or neutered pets.

Q: I tried putting my cat on a diet and he howled for days. Are some cats just too old or set in their ways to change?

A: When trying to change a pet?s food, never take away the old food completely. For many cats, the old dish and food are actually a safety signal. Cats like familiarity. They don?t like a lot of change. So if you need to offer a new food, offer it alongside the old food. Give your cat a choice. Usually, when it?s done that way, the cat will at least try the other food eventually, and if he likes it, he?ll eat it.

Q: My cat is an indoor only cat. Can he get enough exercise inside to lose weight?

A: Of course he can get enough exercise if you?re providing him an enriched environment. So give your cat climbing structures because cats love to be elevated. They need windows they can look out. Use foraging balls to encourage exercise. And they need to feel comfortable enough to come out. If they?re afraid of half the things in your house, they won?t come out to exercise. And that includes people. Remember, you should never use punishment as a teaching tool. If you slap a cat, he thinks you?re trying to kill him. He can become immobilized with fear. But cats respond marvelously to praise and treats.
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Philips » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:30 am

Rice is light and filling, also it seems weird by some people walk there cats on leashes like dogs. I would walk around the yard if he's a indoor cat, if he loves the outside just make sure he is doing some physical activity
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Weightloss Ideas For Cats?

Postby Jasper » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:43 am

Feed her less... Gradually Downsize her food so that in about 2 weeks time she is only eating 1/2 of what she normally would. and make sure that its not necessarily Diet food but food that has the best Nutritional Value for her.
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