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Weight Watchers For Free?

Weight Watchers For Free?

Postby Nathrach » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:30 pm

The average maintenance level for women (134 lbs) is 2000-2100 (2200 for large frame) Calories per day.
To maintain your weight you need to eat about 15 (14 to 16) Calories per pound of body weight.
I lost 33.5 lbs in 207 days (566 Calories per day) by eating 2100 to 2200 Calories per day.
If you are overweight and just eat what you need to maintain your ideal weight you will lose weight and eventually get to your ideal weight.
One pound of body fat=3500 Calories, so if you can eat 500 Calories per day less than you need to maintain your ideal weight you will lose about one pound per week (7 times 500=3500).

Keep a food diary with an account of the calories you eat each day until you reach your desired weight.
Afterwards, you might be able to keep to a pattern and you will not need to keep a diary.
Find the calories on the package or look it up on the Internet.
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