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Weight Loss After Being Pregnant?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Weight Loss After Being Pregnant?

Postby witter » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:35 pm

As I was growing up my sister always made fun of me for being a little bigger then her. When I was around 16 I got in a really bad depression and stop eating normally and lost a lot of weigh. I got pregnant at 20 and gainned 60 pounds and only lost 15 lbs in the last year. I don't know what to do because I'm getting depressed again. I need some advice??
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Weight Loss After Being Pregnant?

Postby gaara » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:42 pm

I am not sure what is your current diet, but the first thing you need to do is start making changes to your diet like replace white pasta with whole wheat pasta, replacing white potatoes for sweet potatoes eating more fruits and vegetable and Whole foods.

Avoid prepared foods or foods that contain too much salt.
Just start by making small changes every day and you will start seeing a difference not only in your weight but also you will notice more energy.

A great way to get fruits and vegetables in your diet is by consuming smoothies.
You can also add oat bran to your diet to loose the weight around your tummy.

Good Luck!
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