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Tummy Tuck Alternative?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Tummy Tuck Alternative?

Postby Gilford » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:33 am

Well you are in luck as most people do not know this

People who ate 100% raw food (vegan, whole food) when losing hundreds of pounds even into their older years of 55 or so like Dave the raw food trucker (youtube) had little to no loose skin. Dave even went to a surgeon after losing 100 ponds (he lost at least 225 lbs) and doctor did not believe he had lost 100 lbs as no loose skin.

People who lost weight and had loose skin also got it to tighten up after eating 100% raw, vegan whole food for 2 years as it regenerates our organs and the skin is an organ.

Also try astringent herbs like witch hazel

astringent herbs tighten loose skin here are some others http://www.gaines.com/store/Herbs/HerbsL...

make a tincture or tea (uise distilled water) and then use cotton cloth soaked in it as a fomentation cover with plastic and use when you sleep but for best I would try 100

5 raw foods.

To help stay on track be with like minded people and learn new recipes like raw nut cheese/crackers/breads and so forth, join a raw food meetup group if one is in your area.

Also do several colon cleanses using intestinal cleanse #1 and number #2 at herbdoc.com

One guy lost 50 with it and models who could not lose belly fat did with this product but I guess it would not help skin just fat but everyone should do this for health.

this and the raw food will not only help with this problem but health in general on a cellular level also do a lot of juicing and juice fasting and green juices.
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Tummy Tuck Alternative?

Postby fionnlagh » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:34 am

its a bit late for alternatives if she is having surgery tomorrow.
no if its loose skin then no option other than surgery.
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