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Trichotillomania Help!?

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Trichotillomania Help!?

Postby Sheary » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:21 am

Hi. I'm 13 and have preeeeeetty bad trich :( So, for people that don't know what trichotillomania is, it is a thing...I don't like saying disease or disorder because it sounds rude. But, it is a thing where you pluck your hair, on purpose in way. Most people don't notice when they do it, like me. You may think "uhhh ouch?" But for me it feels like a relief. Like if you have popcorn stuck inbetween your teeth and you FINALLY get it out, it feels like that.

Anyway, I pulled on my eyebrows a lot, well my left one and then I did my right so it wasn't as awkward. Now, for some reason there is a bump at the end of my left eyebrow, the end where your eyebrow slims down and away from your eye...kind of. It looks almost like a bug bight, but it is not because it doesnt itch. At first I thought it was a pimple, but I was irritated with it so I squeezed it and nothing happened. It is very awkward and it has been there for like almost 2 weeks now. It turns bright red, then sometimes it is not as red. I sometimes put coverup on it. It is also small, the average size of a bug bit, if not, a tad smaller.

I was just wondering if anyone experienced something similar. I don't like asking my parents, especially my mom. Like, 2 days ago I was pulling and didn't notice it, and she called me out and was very...sassy. I started crying because she was saying STOP PULLING! Well, if I could, dear mother, I would truly stop. I guess thats why it has a NAME because it is important and means something!!! Okay...sorry.

So yeah, thank you!

Kate xx
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Trichotillomania Help!?

Postby bran » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:25 am

Have you ever shaved your self and gotten razor burn? It is probably something like that where you just an ingrown hair that you've gotten from pulling it out the wrong way. I wouldn't be itching it, itching things just make it worse. If it burns, try putting minty tooth paste on it (unless it becomes an open wound!!!) to help relieve the pain, lots of people do this when you burn yourself for example, when getting pizza out of the oven. It probably isn't much of a huge deal, but if anything starts to get severely worse, I'd get it checked out.
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Trichotillomania Help!?

Postby Dani » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:32 am

I did that when I was young, and I never knew that it had a name. I pulled out my scalp hair.

My parent would beat me whenever I did it, saying I did it for attention.

I eventually grew out of it.

The bump on your eyebrow might be an ingrown hair. You should wash it and put some antibiotic cream on it.
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Trichotillomania Help!?

Postby Txanton » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:39 am

Trichotillomania..Or Trich is an impulse manipulate ailment where an man or woman pulls their hair. Sure, I've had it because I was once eleven i am 17 now....It went away however now it's back.It's terrible, it is a struggle day-to-day, certainly at my age...As a substitute of pondering of recent recommendations to fix my hair...I ought to to find new ideas to cover up the brand new bald spot I made. I can't go swimming or else humans will see the bald spots, I used to cover them with eyeliner and black eyeshadow...I obtained desperate...However now i use some product call X-Fusion works pleasant however takes quite a whilst to position on. So what does this do to a man or woman??? Lowers their self-esteem bigtime...However it additionally has had some constructive results on me...I'm no longer a shallow person, i'm very variety to others...I suppose it's made me a greater individual having to handle this ailment.
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