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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Kalle » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:56 am

I am doing a report on the holocaust for an honors class. I need personal opinions from others in regards to their thoughts on the topic. Unfortunately, when I last asked this question I got half-brained simpletons who simply thought I was joking.
So if you could just tell me what you believe and what your personal view on this is, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Meinrad » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:58 am

hol·o·caust (/?häl??kôst/)


  Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale...

Which holocaust are you talking about? The Russian ( 20 Million), German ( 4.2 Million), Jehovah's witnesses ( 12 Thousand), chinese ( 10 Million), japanese ( 2.35 Million), or the jewish one?
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby avishai75 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:59 am

I think in 1536 the Pope had all people killed if they were not Christan's.
And, 400 years prior to that would of been about 1136, look up history of Rome in that year.
Every 400 years it seems they killed millions of people for various reasons.
So, from 1536 + 400 = 1936 I believe this is why Hitler was trying to kill all the Jewish people.
I believe if you go back 100 years you will find history that happened that changed the world, and country's.
I think in 1869 the USA started the first banks that changed america.
Then in 1969 I believe J. F. Kennedy was shot.
And, the films on kennedy's shootings, don't believe they are all fake.
Jesus Christ was a Jew, and Hitler was Catholic, so why would you want to kill all the Jewish People? Plus, look up the date about 1926, I believe Britain and USA, and maybe Canada was helping Hitler get into power.
Plus, JFK Dad was also helping the Germans, and the Soviets as well.
All these countries were supplying weapons to Germany.
This was planned for 400 years, since 1536 so hitler could kill the jews.
What about Nostradamus? how come he was so accurate with history? The reason is because he was part of the "Royal Blood Line",and he had the CONTROL over what was going to happen.
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Karlis » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:05 am

You are not going to get very far with random 'thoughts' on this issue. You need to find some way of structuring it otherwise it is going to be a rambling mess.

If you are doing a general overview of genocide, organise it chronologically: in each case you need to examine the motives. Hitler's Holocaust is completely different in conception to Pol Pot's Cambodian 'Year Zero' calamity. The outcome of course is equally unacceptable (or at least should be to any right thinking person).

What about events such as Manifest Destiny - in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Nazi Holocaust.
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Apsel » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:07 am

The Holocausts most direct cause was Christianity. But you won't see that talked about much in American history books, because we are a predominantly Christian country, but the fact remains that Hitler was a very religious right wing conservative Catholic, so were all the high ranking Nazi's, and almost the entire German army was Lutherans. The killing and hatred of the Jews was related to their belief that Jews killed Christ, and that Germans were a master race, who traced their blood lines back to religiously historical figures. The 1000 empire the Nazi's wanted to create was a mix of Christianity and the old Nordic religion.

This is why the Catholic church allowed the holocaust, because at the time they hated Jews as well.
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Nichol » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:14 am

Thank you for that.

This simpleton will simply paste his answer here then :)

Hope it helps.

"Do you think it happened?"

Let's look at the sworn under oath testimony of people involved noting they were not charged or on trail but appearing as witnesses...

Testimony of Engineer Fritz Sander on Crematorium Design (March 7,1946)

A: I decided to design and build a crematorium with a higher capacity. I completed this project of a new crematorium in November 1942 - a crematorium for mass incineration, and I submitted this project to a State Patent Commission in Berlin.

This "Krema" was to be built on the conveyor belt principle. That is to say, the corpses must be brought to the incineration furnaces without interruption. When the corpses are pushed into the furnaces, they fall onto a grate, and then slide into the furnace and are incinerated. The corpses serve at the same time as fuel for heating of the furnaces. This patent could not yet be approved by the Main Patent Office in Berlin, because of its classification (as a state secret).

Q. Although you knew about the mass liquidation of innocent human beings in crematoriums, you devoted yourself to designing and creating higher capacity incineration furnaces for crematoriums - and on your own initiative.

A. I was a German engineer and key member of the Topf works and I saw it as my duty to apply my specialist knowledge in this way to help Germany win the war, just as an aircraft construction engineer builds airplanes in wartime, which are also connected with the destruction of human beings.

"On October 13, 1942 the head of the Bauleitung stated in a letter "As regards the construction of the new crematorium buildings, it was necessary to start immediately in July 1942 because of the situation caused by the special actions."

"Another revealing letter dated August 21, 1942 from the Bauleitung deals with discussions with Topf and Sons on building six new ovens in the Birkenau area of the camp. The letter states that it is anticipated that the new ovens will be built near the "bathing installation for special actions." The new ovens were probably intended to be used on a temporary basis until the crematoria were built. The letter is saying that these special actions are taking place in the "bathing installation." http://www.holocaust-history.org/auschwi...

Let's look at pure unadulterated verifiable real events...

"...This atrocity was carried out by soldiers of the Der Führer Regiment of the 2nd Waffen-SS Panzer Division, Das Reich. On that day they killed a total of 642 men, women and children without giving any reasons for their actions and to this day there is no universally accepted explanation for the massacre." http://www.oradour.info/

[German soldiers posted to this unit later testifying the massacre happened but protested their personal innocence]

The Nuremburg Laws.

Kristalnacht being another very public event.

The Commissars Directive.


Reprisals. Liquidation of Lidice.

Euthenasia of the mentally disabled.

Forced sterilization of the undesirable.

Forced Labour.


Yes, it indeed happened, and documented by the very people who participated innumerable times over - albeit later denied by people who weren't there a near century later.
The amount of documentary proving is overwhelming, the denials just people saying what if's with little if any source.

Sophie Scholl -


A real teenaged girl, her and her brother went to Munich University.

Both and four more students arrested by the Gestapo and beheaded in 1943 for committing Crimes Against the State.
People do exist, no hiding an existence.

(the Scholl's printed and distributed anti-war leaflets)
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

Postby Laurenz » Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:27 am

Which one?

There have been 7 since 1940 alone.
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