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Should I Go To School If...?

Should I Go To School If...?

Postby Zebulon » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:35 am

I think my toe is sprained,my mum sed dnt go to skwl today if u find it hard/painful to walk so I didn't.It's getting better but hurts a little when it moved, so shud I go tomoro I DO wnt to go but not if i'll be in pain! I hve to walk to and from school EVERYDAY ;) So do u think it'll be alright ?? :D Plus will ppl find it stupid if I say my toe is sprained ??

It hurts and I feel bored and kinda depressed,i'm by myself In the living lying down with my foot up on the sofa so there no space for my mum or sister to sit down :(

for the last few days I haven't felt like eating dinner D:

Usually I always feel hungry but recently I havent i'm 13 anyone gt any ideas why ??? :D

Sorry for all the questions i'll give 10 to the best ! :D
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Should I Go To School If...?

Postby Leo » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:36 am

haha its alright. your spellings fine. umm especially since you have to walk to and from school, i wouldnt go until you can walk without feeling pain.
I think it will make it worse.
Unless you can get a ride or you absolutely have to go to school cuz you cant miss a test or something.
Dont stay home too long, but not too short if you kno what i mean.
Give it the right amount of time to heal. :) hope i helped. good luck :)!
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Should I Go To School If...?

Postby Jerardo » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:40 am

It's obvious that you desperately need to be back at school as your spelling and grammar are atrocious.
What you really need to do, if it's too painful to walk on, is to go to the doctor with it and let your GP decide whether you should be at school or not.
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Should I Go To School If...?

Postby Rourke » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:42 am

Yes , you need to learn some good spelling please for the love of god go to school...
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Should I Go To School If...?

Postby Birr » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:52 am

You do need to go to school, and no, nobody will find it stupid if you say your toe is sprained. When you have an injury sometimes you don't feel like eating because you're concentrating more on your injury than anything else, keep eating, drinking and go to school tomorrow. :P
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