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Should I Give This Man Another Chance?

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Should I Give This Man Another Chance?

Postby Jubal » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:14 pm

Im 23 and a second year medical student. He is 24 and a biomedical engg student. We met through my friend. He is her cousin. From the start onwards we had great convos and clicked well. Since I was away for my school we decided to meet up next month. I've been very honest wth this man and update his wth all my recent pics. My problem is that I am very self conscious abt my image so Ive been fighting it all my life. Im a size 12 us. I was chubby all my life and I like to loose some more weight as I go on. Often in conversations he makes remarks abt my weight ( eg - will I be able to pick u up ?) I often ignore those but today while going through some pics he said if I am thinking of loosing that 10 pounds as I planned. I dont know why but all of a sudden all my struggles wth weight rushed into my head and I fell apart. I said I dont want to be wth someone superficial and I told him I dont want to talk to him anymore. He hasnt stopped calling since then and keeps on eel apologizing. What makes it worse is that he says -looks arent that imp- wtf??? i feel like this is even more offensive....wht should i do?????
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Should I Give This Man Another Chance?

Postby Maddoc » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:27 pm

That's entirely up to you...
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