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Should I Get Her Out Of My Life?

Should I Get Her Out Of My Life?

Postby Gisilbert » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:18 am

I have the good friend and it tortures me to just be friends with her.
I am a lesbian and she knew this from the moment I met her and that she was keen.
As a friend I have always been everything she has needed, almost too good.
It feels in ways she has played with me as she gave me hope in the beginning and made me think she was interested and then changed her mind, I was hooked on her and still am.
You just don't stop caring for someone.
For a while I took measures to not contact her which hurt me and upset her but she would always find a way of making me feel bad and claw me back in.
She wants to go on all these trips and adventures with me and tells me she gets cut if I go or plan one without her and messages me daily.
I get livid when she tells me about the boy she is seeing.
It cuts me deep and I cannot help it.
Is it reasonable for me to not be able to get past this and to just stop contacting her.
I have never cared so much for someone, I would do anything for her but I cannot sit back and not be the most important person in her life.
Problem is in 23 days we go overseas so I have to bide my time.
I just need to be free of her once and for all.
Why doesn't she understand this is how I feel and that's that.
Does she want to have her cake and eat it? In my opinion if I am just a friend she should be able to live without me.
She will get over it.
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Should I Get Her Out Of My Life?

Postby Alhrick » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:21 am

Just to start off, i'm a guy so take my advice or leave it. I think you outta drop her like a lead brick. Sounds to me like she's stringing you along on purpose as a plan B. I know you care for her, but you'll get over it. Guys go through the same thing when some girl is doing the same thing to us.
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