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(repost) Will I Need To Apply For A Waiver For My Past History Of An Eating Disorder?

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(repost) Will I Need To Apply For A Waiver For My Past History Of An Eating Disorder?

Postby Cicero » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:08 am

(I am reposting this question since I did not receive enough answers. I hope this will not be much of a bother.)

Right now, I'm concerned if having a past history of anorexia nervosa will strain my chances of joining the air force. And will I need to apply for a waiver? I know that they have a policy listed somewhere stating the following:

Eating disorders (307.5), anorexia nervosa (307.1), bulimia (307.51), or unspecified disorders of eating (307.59) lasting longer than 3 months and occurring after 13th birthday are disqualifying.

I was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 15 but only lasted no more than three months. I am still in my weight restoration process but I am definitely free from eating disordered thoughts. I can say I am no longer struggling and consider myself 85% recovered. For my entire life, I have been looking forward to becoming an air force pilot. I felt a bit upset at the fact that a sudden ED emerged into my life. I really didn't want such a horrible mental disorder to destroy my chances of ever joining the air force. I think it's suggestible to not hide or cover up any history of my ED. I wouldn't blatantly lie to anybody either. Besides, they would probably investigate my medical records. I might as well be truthful rather than face charges of fraudulent enlistment.

I never had any other history of mental illnesses. No, I was completely normal, but with the exception of being insecure and timid. That's considered normal for a teen girl-in some cases. I bet that was one of the factors that triggered my ED. My obvious insecurity I felt within my body was solely responsible. Thankfully, I was never hospitalized and pulled quickly out of it with the help of my team of doctors. I'm not experiencing any distortions with my body image anymore. I am no longer anorexic so I don't see why the air force would not accept me. I know that I can build up a better moral character. I know I will not be shy forever. My mother was once like me, shy but know what? She one day decided to change her personality. She became a more strong-willed, outgoing individual. I'm sure I can do the same. The military would definitely straighten me out. :)

Also, I know that Yahoo!Answers isn't the best place to ask this sort of question but I would like to see the opinions of anyone who is or has served in the air force. And please no rude answers.

Advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you if you have taken your time to analyze this situation of mine. :)
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(repost) Will I Need To Apply For A Waiver For My Past History Of An Eating Disorder?

Postby Danell » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:20 am

Yes !!!
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(repost) Will I Need To Apply For A Waiver For My Past History Of An Eating Disorder?

Postby Dalfon » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:22 am

Standards of Medical Fitness AR forty-501 Chapter two Physical Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, and Induction two?27. Learning, psychiatric and behavioral problems h. Current or historical past of different habits problems does now not meet the average, adding, however now not restricted to stipulations similar to the next: (one million) Enuresis (307.6) or encopresis (307.7) after thirteenth birthday does now not meet the average. (two) Sleepwalking (307.four) after thirteenth birthday does now not meet the average. (three) Eating problems (307.five), anorexia nervosa (307.one million), bulimia (307.fifty one), or unspecified problems of consuming (307.fifty nine) lasting longer than three months and happening after thirteenth birthday don't meet the average. j. History of suicidal habits, adding gesture(s) or strive(s) (three hundred.nine), or historical past of self-mutilation, does now not meet the average.
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(repost) Will I Need To Apply For A Waiver For My Past History Of An Eating Disorder?

Postby ashtin » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:24 am

Hey :)

I'm really sorry I don't know the answer to your specific question because I don't know much about the airforce.

But I had anorexia/ bulimia which my doctor knew about. The whole time, I was able to keep my private pilots licence medical.

Also I know someone who had anorexia, and they now have a comercial pilots license medical.

You seem smart and definately not mental in any way so I would guess you should be fine.

I say speak to your doctor, or you should be able to find online a list of doctors in your area (sorry I don't know where you are from:) which speacialise in aviation medicine. You can probably give one of them a call. If your eating disorder lasted no longer then 3 months as you say, you may not even have to mention it anyway.

Good luck recovering and hopw this helps :)
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