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Relationship Help?:(?

Relationship Help?:(?

Postby Albin » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:17 am

I've been wanting to get on yahoo answers about this for a real long time but I've been too scared people will judge me but here it goes!

I met my boyfriend when I was in the 8th grade. He was a 7th grader and he was completely obsessed with me! I loved it even though everyone around us thought he was a complete freak. So two years pass and I am now in 10 grade. We started to go out in October 27 2011. I didn't take him very seriously the first month but now I am in love with him. We use to be the couple everyone dreamed on having all my single friends were jealous, we saw each other every weekend since we didn't go to the same school. So summer came along and I found out he wasn't very faithful during the school year, it broke my heart but then again I thought to myself I wasn't am angel either, I mean I didn't physical cheat like he did, but I was still flirting with other guys, during this summer we have been so much better no cheating we take each other seriously now and I believe everyone deserves a second chance, now we will be going to different schools in August and it's getting hard for us to trust each other, I would go to his school in a heart beat if I could but my mother won't let me and he doesn't want to go to my school because he is really stubborn, idk what to do because i can't be away from him for a whole week. I want to be able to see him at school what do I do it's hard to trust when I hate myself and I hate my body image so I am afraid he will find a better looking girl, idk what to do I am in love and I know He is, I am just worried he will go back to cheating.

Sorry for writing a freakin novel:(
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Relationship Help?:(?

Postby Chepe » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:20 am

Your insecurities are clearly visible in your query. This says a lot about the 'quality' of relationship you have with him.

He is going away and that is a truth. Also long term relationships do not work out - this is also the truth.

He is going away, and you will miss him this is inevitable. But it is also a fact that you will meet other people, so have a open mind and look fwd to new friends. :-) Perhaps you find a nice person.

You will behappy once you stop comparing other people to him.

So good luck.
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Relationship Help?:(?

Postby Wilhelm » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:27 am

If he cheated once, he may do it again. But if you are so sure that he loves you, then give him another chance. Everyone makes mistakes, and **** ups that they can never take back, but when the day is over, if he really does love you, then he'll have eyes only for you. But in the case that you find out he is cheating again, i'd say dump him.
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