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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby pyrs59 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:51 am

Umm, ok..soo... i got a new xbox 360 about a week ago because my old crappy pro got the rrod and i lost my warranty...Well, i heard about the e3 releasing a new xbox 360 called the slim, kinect, and other names..I got a pretty good price for my elite spring bundle but the slim looks hot and ive heard some stuff about available trade ins allowing you to trade in a working xbox 360 for a slim..Should i do it or should i just wait for the 720 or any other new models..Im thinking that if i do trade it in it would have been a total waste of money because of all the stuff i bought my elite...also, are these pros and cons correct, i hope they will also encourage you guys to buy or not buy the slim..:

1.Destroys disks much easier than the elite
2.chrome finish causing it to be a finger print magnet
3.easier overheating and chance of rrod
4.built in wifi with no ethernet cable ports meaning no back up network to live and internet
5.??cannot play xbox games??
6.Not the same hdd as xbox 360 elite, meaning you cannot use it on the slim.
6.surprisingly, slightly heavier than xbox 360 elite

1.sensors for easier turn on/turn off and eject or insert disc
2.3 extra usb ports on backside
3.optical drive on backside of slim
4.power brick is lighter, idc about this pro
5.built in wifi, this is both pro and con, i hope you understand
6.free 250 gb hdd

thanks for all the gamers out there who help build the xbox community and help fight for world domination..:)
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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby walfrid » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:54 am

If those are correct, which they seem to be, I'd stick with the elite. Unless you play/rent a lot of games, the elite hard drive is plenty big, A compact flashy system with a few nice added features isn't worth the upgrade, they still play the same games.

Also Kinnect isn't a new x-box it is an add-on to the x-box
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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby naal » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:59 am

Do What i did...I got 1 13 days ago...heard about the new 360 and went to gamestop. told them my 360 stop reading discs and kept freezing and i wanted store credit cause i already replace the 360..then i went home and ordered the new 360 at gamestop.com with the store credit..
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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby joby94 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:05 am

So were you high when you made that pro/con list or did you just pull all that out of your A$$
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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby henrick80 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:09 am

there are some things wrong with your cons list mainly
1. how do you know it will destroy disks easier?
3. it has a new chip that doesn't over heat as easily and air vents on the side
4. I saw one with the ethernet cable port
5. yes it can still play Xbox games
6. some trade in places will move your data for you if you like
7. you put six down twice instead of 7
EDIT: If Microsoft actually said the vents were a bad idea then why would they release a system with vents? and even though more fans use more power, the more air that flows though allows it to say cooler, EX. my PC that I'm typing this on right now has at least 8 fans and its a mid tower(so its all tightly packed in), I can overclock it and it has never gotten the slightest bit hot
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Reasons not to get xbox 360 slim....?

Postby danon » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:12 am

Your wrong about one thing. The slim has an ethernet port. So you can either direct connect it or use it wirelessly. Also they built more vents and added some fans to keep the slim much cooler than the previous xbox 360. Hopefully with the new xbox you won't have to worry about the rrod. You can also trade in your old xbox to get a big discount on the slim. With the new xbox slim they fixed all of the problems with the 360 and kept everything else pretty much the same. Most of your cons and pros are wrong. Get your facts straight before you start posting information about a product you know nothing about.
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