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Questions About A Pregnant Cat?

Questions About A Pregnant Cat?

Postby langleah » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:01 pm

So yesterday I brought home a pregnant kitty. Her owner was unable to care for her once the kittens came so I'm going to foster her. (Don't ask me why she didn't get her spayed... I don't know.) She didn't know how far along she is but guessed that she was halfway through. I know that the gestational period is like 63-67 days. I also read that Siamese cats can carry longer. This cat is at least half Siamese. Anyway, I made her a nest in the bathroom with a box and bed sheets. I set her up with food and water and a litter box. She is very curious and keeps getting into all the cabinets. I don't know if this is because she is in a new place or if she is trying to find a place to have the kittens??? She literally jumped up and opened the pantry door so she could get in. I really don't want her having her kittens in a random place. Especially not in the kitchen cabinet under the sink because there's cleaning supplies and chemicals. She ate twice yesterday but I've offered her food today and she won't eat it. Right now she is inside a cabinet in the living room. I don't mind her being in there, I would just prefer for her to have the kittens in her nest the bathroom so I can help easily if needed. She is pretty vocal when I talk to her but not acting like she is in pain. I do work so I would like to keep her in a certain area in case she has them when I'm gone. I think it's mean though to keep her confined all day. I just wish I knew exactly how far along she was. I have fostered a mama cat and baby kittens before but not a pregnant cat. I have gently felt her belly and could sort of distinguish one kitten but not really any others. I would guess she is having no more than four. So basically just give me some tips if you have experience with pregnant cats. Just need to know how to tell when she is about to have them.
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Questions About A Pregnant Cat?

Postby Beauvis » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:04 pm

Animal eat differently than you.
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Questions About A Pregnant Cat?

Postby Ebo » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:13 pm

she needs a place to deliver and care for her babies that is PRIVATE. maybe put the nest box under the cabinet(move the chemicals) ibet her nest box will fit there. she might like under a bed. one of my cats had her kittens under the drawer space of my desk. she needs to find her own spot. delivering babies is a private activity--would u like to be on display at such a time?
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Questions About A Pregnant Cat?

Postby Kildaire » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:18 pm

regrettably, that's kitten season. we are able to anticipate questions like this till the top of could. I think of after that, they are going to get replaced by employing "My kitten is six weeks previous, can i furnish it to its new family members now?" that's totally stressful, exceptionally via fact that's extremely no longer even that no longer effortless to call the vet and ask what to anticipate with a pregnant cat, or google "cat in hard artwork." nonetheless, it is not even all that no longer effortless to p.c.. up the telephone and make an appointment to get your cat spayed. i presumed it became subject-unfastened experience to a.) spay the cat or b.) positioned down a nesting container, close the expectant mama kitty in yet another room and wait it out. are not there an awful lot and many books on the project?
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