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Plz Plz Help (read ) What Should I Do Just Leave It And Pretend Their Is Nothing Going On ?

Plz Plz Help (read ) What Should I Do Just Leave It And Pretend Their Is Nothing Going On ?

Postby Greipr » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:19 pm

So I am a 13 year old girl and I have a 7 year sister and I never see my parents mostly my dad. They are both always working. I live with them but they come home when I am sleeping I am always in my room I spend more time with people how work for us. Its been so long that we really sat down at talked. I say hi dad an he takes out his wallet and gives me money. But I don't what it. Every morning I wake up and see 400 dollars on my desk. I don't what money but that's all I seem to get. And my friends call me a spoild girl for getting everything I what I am not spoild I just don't know what to do with all that money. I fell like my dad never has time for me. I see people always with their parents they sit and eat toghter and I am always eating alone in my room because their is no one to eat with my sister has her life and I have mine. I really miss him the only time I really talk to him is on a holiday like christmass. They don't even know me. They don't know that I am asking this question. Or why I am getting sent to the office. Or like what happens to me at school. All they think about is to put me in home schooling I what to go to public school but know private is better I don't even learn anything. I try to talk to my parents but no he has to go to work. I fell like money is all they care about but why do we need so much. I talk to the people how work for us more then my family. I fell like I don't have one and people think my life is perfect but it's not I am lonely what should I do. Sorry If I have mistakes I am on my phone. Oh one more thing my grandparents died from both sides and my mom has no sis or bro and my dad has 2 how don't live here so I really don't have family and far relatives I don't even know because my parents don't have time. They go from one job to another. I have told my parents to hire more worker and he did but he says he still need to be their to make sure it Is done righ. I don't even see him I text him and that doen't work good.
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Plz Plz Help (read ) What Should I Do Just Leave It And Pretend Their Is Nothing Going On ?

Postby Hussein » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:27 pm

Sounds like you have great parents. They are doing whatever it takes to make sure you and your sister have everything you want materialize. Most kids love materialized things over the close family bond, if you don't, that's something you need to tell your parents. Also, adults love money, as it makes them feel safe from just about anything...the more you have, the more secure you feel, so that's another reason they constantly work. Do understand, they just want youth have the best of the best, and have backup money just incase your in trouble when you get older, and cash for college...
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Plz Plz Help (read ) What Should I Do Just Leave It And Pretend Their Is Nothing Going On ?

Postby Mutayyib » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:39 pm

This is complicated (and no longer handiest the English!)! You say that you just permitted his idea however weren't severe approximately him! What is that approximately? He is an excessively immature and insecure younger guy. Send him a Tony Robbins tape, cd or guide. Once his trust is restored he will depart you by myself. Can you speak to his peers or his household? Change your quantity, block is calls, inform your colleagues that he's harassing you and to not take delivery of his calls. You depart together with your household? Do you imply you are living with them? Tell them the reality. Do you no longer believe them? You made a few errors - have they not ever made errors?! Best of good fortune! I'm a relationships train in England, so if you need a few extra support with this, please electronic mail me.
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