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Our Political Leaders Are Idiots. Why Do We Allow To Spend So Much Of Our Money?

Our Political Leaders Are Idiots. Why Do We Allow To Spend So Much Of Our Money?

Postby Halbert » Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:45 am

The lowest re-election rate between 1964 and 2006 for members of the US House was 85%, in 1970. The Senate is a little more voliatle, with the lowest rate being 55% in 1980. As a result, political scientists often parody our attitude toward politicians as a combination of "Throw the bums out!" with "My guy's a valuable member of Congress."   The site I cited above didn't have a rate for the Senate. Indeed, as I type this, there is still a Senate seat up for grabs. Having said that, one site claims we had a 96% re-election rate for the House, and what looks to be 95% for the Senate.   Why do we continue to allow this? Because we continue to elect people whose main qualification is charisma. Of course, voting for politicians for rational reasons, instead of a combination of charisma and the flavor of watered-down-to-soundbites ideology they spout, is a European trait, which really didn't start until after having fought both World Wars through their living rooms. And an awful lot of Americans pride themselves on being "not European."   What will it take for Americans to pay more attention? Well, they're paying attention now, at least more than usual.* But to pay attention, and think rationally, and keep it up for more than one election cycle? I suspect it would be something that hurts us as badly as World War II hurt most European nations.    Am I selfish for hoping we can dodge that one?         * It will be interesting to see how many figure out that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has pretty much disproved Milton Friedman's claim that the Fed could have prevented the Great Depression; Bernanke has been following Friedman's after-the-fact advice to the Fed of 1929, and the best thing one could say about the result so far is it would probably be worse if he hadn't. My off-the-cuff guestimate is that we might have 15 million unemployed, instead of the 6.5 million we currently have.
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