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Others See Me As Ugly So Not Sure How To Have Confidence...?

Others See Me As Ugly So Not Sure How To Have Confidence...?

Postby Jephthah » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:38 pm

Im 26, female and never had a proper bf. I did go out with one guy i met online and he was nice (at first anyway) but i found holding a relationship down a hassle i just wasnt interested really so broke up with him.
I dont usually think negatively im quite laid back with my looks but basically people think im ugly lol.

When i broke up with this guy he said that he had lowered his standards for me as he isnt into the tomboy type and that he was worried about not attracting any girls since he couldnt even start with me.
He kept posting threads on a student forum we both went/met on asking for advice on girls and basically putting me down in fact heres one of them lol http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1199390.

He's basically insecure (i guess like i am now lol) i dont know if hes being honest in what he says or is just taking his anger out. I never insulted him once though in fact i tried to reassure him and told him he'd find the right girl but he said 'lets be honest i couldnt even start with you'.

I would put this down to him just being annoyed at getting rejected therefore insulting me but ive had other 'evidence' in the past that im 'ugly' At college for a psychology topic the teacher got us all to rate each others facial attraction anonymously out of 10 (so no one knew what anyone gave) and I got all 4's and one 5. I didnt even give anyone below a 6 as i thought it was too harsh.

The lowest scores in the class the other girls and guys were getting 7's and 8's.
Im actually fairly happy with how i look im slim/toned so its not my body its just my face i guess. I asked my mu for an honest opinion and she said 'your not astonishingly beautiful but you are not unnatractive but we jsut have to make the most of what we have' So thats not good comming from a mother lol.
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Others See Me As Ugly So Not Sure How To Have Confidence...?

Postby Ahern » Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:48 pm

that guy sounds like a **** dont even waste your time with him. and so what youre not the most beautiful person in the world, who really is? any way im sure you've heard all that junk before so i'll just try and answer your question.

So appearance isnt your stong point, if youre worried on how people judge you, think to yourself how you judge other people.

Build on youre personality, im not saying be someone your not, im saying be more sure-footed, self assure and/or confident in general.

You said you were a tomboy, surely that puts you in a lot of boy-enviroments. talk to them then. You also said you were happy with your body! Why not show it off. That doesnt mean turn into a **** over night, but God gave you what you got! why not flaunt it!

be yourself and dont let that emo b****** put you off yourself just because he cant handle his crap self esteem and feels the need to put down others to make himself feel better.

anyway, hope this helps. x
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