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Chinese Food Before Weighing Yourself?

I am in weight watchers and i usually drink a lot of water usualy the night before a weigh in so i lose i guess when i go to the bathroom in the morning before i weigh in.
I dont know if that is a good thing to do please let me know. Also i had chinese food the night before my weigh in which i know is a terrible idea because of all of ...
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Need Help Please, Anybody Answer!?

so my mom always says im fat, well not straight out but she implies it all the time, like she says: you dont need a Starbucks you need a diet, and you have to go to soccer run around get some exercise you need it and then she always buys weight watchers stuff and always comments on what i eat and how it may not be healthy and how my thighs are big... im 16, ...
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Is Nutella Okay To Eat?

nutella is not healthy. It is an almond spread with cocoa. Look at the nutrition label and see how many WW points are in it per serving. There is a mother who is currently suing Nutella because she fed her kids the spread on toast every day and they are now fat
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What Are The Nutrition Facts For "bj's Wholesale" Rib Eye Steaks?

I'm having trouble looking for the facts of steak that carries how many grams of fat, carb, protein, and fiber while I'm on the Weight Watchers diet plan. To discover how many points per piece in how size is in the serving, in fact. :( You know what I mean? And when I buy it, it never shows the label on it. Never! Could you please help me? I appreciate it. :)

Does Weight Watchers Send You Food?

No, you don't have to buy food from them, but you can if you want to - many grocery stores, and WalMart, carry their products.
You can either go to meetings once a week nearby you, or you can do it entirely online.
They have a point system - every food is worth points, and you can eat a certain number a day.
You eat your own food, but just not as much of it ...
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I've Consumed 250-300 Calories...?

i doubt you would get into starvation mode in one day, you would need to be hungry quite frequently, to allow the body to adapt by converting all forms of sustenance into fat. If your sick, I would say you should eat until your satisfied, and drink plenty of water, however don't eat so much that you end up throwing up or something. If you have variety, focus on fruits and things with antioxidants, berries, ...
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Weight Watchers?

The link below may help - it also has a 25% off coupon for Weight Watchers Canada.
It is a great system that has changed my life - I cannot urge you enough to try it!!!
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How Many Weight Watchers Pro Points Can My Husband Have Per Day?

I don?t know about weight watchers points.

I know that your husband is tall so he should need 2,443 calories just to cover his BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate, male, 31 years old, 6?1 and 266lbs) before needing calories for any calorie expenditure (physical activity).

Your husband should eat 2 or 3 times as much as you eat. If he?s ?following the same menu? as you, he should get a second helping, ...

What Food Have The Lowest Weight Watchers Points? My Points Seem To Always Run Out So Quick?

on the weightwatchers website they have a list of foods and their point value, you should take a look and plan out your days food the night before, this way you know exactly what you can eat and you cn plan your points wisely. Also i found it helpful to eat as few points as possible in the week and then when it comes to weekends you have extra points and you can have a ...

Can I Have Fruit For Pudding?

Go for the strawberries!!! They are A LOT lower in sugar than the others and have ANTIOXTIDANTS. Believe it or not, fruit is extremely sugary! Of course it is 10 times better for you than say a candy bar, but just remember that you're going to have to burn all off or it will just turn into fat!

Also, bear in mind that the apples, pears, and especially the banana has a fair ...
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