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I Need To Lose Weight Really Fast?

Follow this and see results.

1. Get your attitude in check. A positive outlook is a great start to shedding the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep this in mind throughout the process.

2. Look into gyms in the area if you haven't already and select one that looks like a place you'd like to work out. Most gyms offer a free trial membership so you can see if ...
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Is This Workout Normal For A 17 Year Old?

Im 5'8" and weigh 161 pounds, so im slightly overweight. Im not looking for a toned body or anything im just trying to burn a lot of body fat. I have weight lifting and cardio on alternative days. For each weight lifting exercise i do two sets. I lift approximately 90-100 pounds on the seated chest press, 50 pounds for the benchpress, 12.5-15 pounds on each hand for biceps and triceps lift, 30-60 pounds on ...
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Is Sushi Okay To Eat Once A Week If You're Trying To Lose Weight?

Fish is typically very healthy for most people - lots of people take fish oil pills with omega 3s and other things in them. It will give you good nutrients, so I don't see the harm in eating sushi once a week. Plus, it's delicious.

Has Anyone Tried Hcg Drops?

If you're friend are losing fat, it has nothing to do with hcg.

The hcg diet is a scam because HCG does nothing for fat loss. It was a scam from the get go and doesn't work any more than the other junk on the market like acai or green tea. Even if you manage to lose some weight from the diet alone you will only gain rebound fat because you've done nothing ...
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Im 15 , Going To Start Diet Plan Tomarrow...any Pointers?

Okay so alittle back ground ..I just turned 15 in april. i want to be able to look okay in a bikini by the end of summer. iv decided that im sick of having a muffin top . that's the main part of fat i want GONE ! so i know i need to

-drink alot of water ( pure )

- get enough sleep

-don't eat before 3 ...
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What Should My Ideal Weight Be?

I have to set a weight loss goal for my program. I am:


375 lb

When I try to wrap my fingers around my wrist, there's about a 1cm gap between my fingers. Does that mean I have a large frame? Or is it closer to medium?

Last time I tried this, I put 180 as my goal. Is 180 too little? (It's the weight with ...
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Started A 1200 Calorie Diets With Vitamins (one A Day For Weight Loss Programs)?

How long can you safely stay on a 1200 calorie diet, while taking a one a day vitamin for people on a weight loss programs. The program includes exercise and healthy eating. I currently way 214 and I am planning to stay on this diet until my weight drops below 200 at which time I will consume a 1500 calorie diet until i weigh under 175 pound at which time i will increase my calories ...

What Is The Best Way To Stay Motivated During An Exercise /weight Loss Program?

You don?t need to exercise for hours on end. Short, sharp sets of exercise will produce better results if you work hard. Get a passing up rope, skip for two moments, do push ups for 60 seconds or so, skip for two minutes, rest first minute. Then change the push up to something else like sit ups and do the set again. Repeat it five times and it?s a rapid, effective workout that will progress ...

I Want To Lose As Much Weight At Possible By Christmas.i'm On La Weightloss.. Alli... Climbing Stairs. Walking

Dear All...

This is what I am doing:

1. I am on La Weightloss Gold Plan

2. Ordered Alli today (online)

3. Climbing stairs ( approx 240 stairs)

4.Walking for 45 mins

I have two questions:

1. Can i use Alli with La weiht loss diet program?

2. How much do you think i will lose (range)...by December 25th..if ...

Is There A Free Weight Loss Program Online Thats Just Like Weight Watchers?

Like I'm looking for a program that is extremely similar, one that tells you which foods to eat more of which ones you stay clear of. and more importantly a site that when your thinking about eating a food you can type it in and it'll tell you the healthy ways to eat it and all that type of helpful things. I've tried a few and they suck. myfitnesspal.com is ok but not exactly what ...




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