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What Exactly Do You Lose In Phase 1 South Beach Diet?

some of my friends really recommend the south beach diet. when i read about it it said its more of a healthy lifestyle but the first phase is the rigorous one in which u cut all fruit, sugar and carbs, apperantly you loose a lot of weight in the first two weeks but is it mostly water weight or will you be able to lose some fat if you add excercise to the diet? if ...
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Who Knows The Total Food List For South Beach Diet?

In his book, The South Beach Diet, Dr. Agatston states that ?this diet is not low-carb. Nor is it low-fat.?

Instead, the diet focuses on eating the ?good? carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) and ?good? fats (olive oil and nuts) rather than eliminating them from the diet entirely.

Dr. Agatston based the core of his dietary plan around the glycemic index ?the increase in blood sugar levels by foods containing ...
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How Much Weight Typically Will You Lose Daily On The South Beach Diet?

When you eat unhealthy for such a long time, your blood changes in such a way that it cannot carry toxins and heavy metals out of the body. Also unhealthy eating results in unhealthy excretory organs. If the body cannot get rid of waste then it stores them in fat bone and muscle which can fool people into thinking that they are over fat, but rather over toxic. The body stores them to keep them ...

Why Am I Not Losing Weight ? I Am At A Stand Still....and Frustrated!?

Hello everyone...I am new to this but I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm about 5'3/170lbs. I have been dieting and exercising since New Years Day. I decided after looking at all the meal plans out there South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc. that I would just try and do more of a well balance diet. I guess very similar to a diebetic diet. I'm consuming anywhere from 1100-to1400 calories a day and power ...

How To Increase My Metabolism So Everything That I Eat Doesn't Add A Few Pounds?

Does anyone know how to increase your metabolism? I have friends who eat and eat and never gain weight. I try to watch what I eat, and my weight fluctuates about 7 lbs. every week or so. (Never losing, just staying between my 'comfort weight' and the 7 pounds.) I have heard that The South Beach Diet has a 'super charged, rev up your metabolism' diet, but that's not in my budget. I am 16 ...

Anybody Know A Good (free) Place To Get Info On The South Beach Diet?

There's probably a South Beach Diet book at your local library....My mom and sister got one from our library a while ago!

Does The South Beach Diet Work?

South Beach is a modified Atkins Diet, which itself is a modified 'low carb' diet.

Low carb diets are old news. Your body quickly converts carbs to pounds, and carbs are found in a lot of the 'filler' foods we use- rice, pasta, breads, cereals, sugars, and even fruits.

You want to choose a diet plan that fits your specific needs and way of thinking, but you can also save yourself ...
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Is The South Beach Diet Low Gi?


After reading your question I saw you were interested in optimizing your nutrition so I thought I would give you some pointers I have learned the hard way from my own bad 'uninformed' choices so you could learn about good advice and bad advice.

You may already know this but if not let me first explain that keeping to a plan that fights against bad habits that might be ...
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What Are Good Healthy Snacks To Take To Work?

Frog legs and manatee pie, nutritious and natural.
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