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Is Muller Light Yogurt A Free Food On Slimming World Extra Easy?

Yes, most of them are.

If you look at the slimming world home page, and you look at the syn values for red and green days. On the extra easy plan you ALWAYS take the LOWEST syn value. So i think you will find that these yogurts are indeed free.

Good luck


Does This Sound Like Bipolar Disorder To You? (serious Answers Only)?

I am a 17 year old female and I've been going through depression since I was 14. I can't really remember how I felt before that time in my life, but I know that's when everything started to crack. At first, the depression wasn't anything major, just sadness and crying spells where I'd lock myself in my closet for a while to cry over my life problems. My mom dismissed me as a crybaby and ...

Does My Body Sound Unattractive?

I am 5'8 and weigh 126 pounds. The top half of me is really slim, I have a flat stomach, but unfortunately I have small boobs. In the past a guy I was seeing and some of my friends have joked around about me being "flat chested" and now I'm really self concious. :( I then have a big bum, which the guy said was attractive, but I have some cellulite on it, which I ...
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Do You Think My Report For The Army Moral Wavier Is Good?

To: The UNITED STATES ARMY June 27, 2012

To whom it may concern

My name is Franklin Hugo Ramirez and I am an applicant to the United States Army. I have been asked to provide a letter outlining my criminal charges for review when my application is considered. I will list them here;

(((( i'll have to look up my record and write when, who ,where why, how and ...
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Hypothyroid With Betablockers?

Can anyone give me some personal details on beta blockers with hypothyroidism, or just about beta blockers in general. I'm confused by what i'm reading online. I have congenital hypothyroidism ( im about to go 30 in less than 2 wks ) & have just been told i'll be needing beta blockers for irregular heart beats, ectopic beats & a form of anxiety disorder. Can anyone give me some info please, Are they ok? Could ...
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I Binge & Comfort Eat. My Gp & Pychatrist Just Keep Giving Me Weight Loss Advise. Please Read Additional Info?

I know how to lose weight. I've lost 3 stones on slimming world twice but put it all back on and more. I'm either dieting or over eating. I know I have a problem because I hide food and gorge until there is no food left to eat. (I don't vomit) I'm very depressed about how over weight I am and won't go out through embarrassment. Was wondering if there is anything available for psychological ...

Do American Christians Love Money And Possessions More Than God?

I have met many American Christians who say they love God and their neighbors. But I have yet to meet an American Christian who was willing to sell their unnecessary lifeless possessions and give to the poor as taught, practiced and commanded many times in many ways by Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

Thousands of innocent children all over the developing world suffer and die each and every day from starvation and diseases ...

Best Free Roam Games?

Sup guys?

Soon I'm going to buy a Ps3 slim or a Xbox360 (Haven't decided yet)...

Anyways the Question is: What are the best Open-World Free Roaming Games?

Possible Options to choose from:

-Saints Row: The Third


-Red Dead Redemption

-Mafia II

- Skyrim


-Fall out NV/3

-Just Cause 2 ...
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Is There A Slimming World Recipe For Lamb Hotpot ?

Hi there,

I've adapted this recipe for you, sin values depend on whether your on Red, Green or Extra Easy


Diced lean lamb (instead of lamb chops)

Fry Light (replacing oil)

1 onion , finely sliced

450g potatoes , peeled and thinly sliced

2 carrots , peeled and thinly sliced

1 pack parsley , chopped

650ml ...
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How Can I Become An Actress?

I'm 13. I live in the middle of no where. It's a redneck town, not shown on maps. My family is anything but supportive. So I'm looking for some help from experienced people. I want to be an actress more than anything. I know I have time to think of other jobs, but I also know I wouldn't enjoy them. I've explored other options. Always, always, I'm lead back to acting. But I feel like ...
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