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Will Eating One Meal A Day (my Breakfast) Help Me Lose Weight?

It will help you lose weight but not in a healthy way at all your gonna grow weak and something bad can happen during the day at school or at home. Eating healthy is definitely the right thing to do. Like instead of eating 3 big meals try eating 5 small meals a day. But make sure to eat fruits and cereal and vegetables. Try to stay away from soda period. Soda definitely contains fat ...

How Should I Get In Shape?

Hi, I would really like to get in decent shape in for around may. I'm 15 years old (male), 5'10 and around 148lbs. I like to box but I haven't done it for a little while but am getting back into it. I lift weights 3x a week doing the workouts from this site:

http://liftforlife.com/content/bodybuilding-fitness-diet-health-articles/training-articles/247-biggerbiceps (the standing barbell curls 30lbs, Concentration curls 14lbs, Hammer curls 10lbs, and dips.)

I'd like get ...
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Why Am I Losing Weight?!?

I'm a 17 year old girl. I've been figure skating since I was 5. For the past few years I've been skating 2-3 hours a day and sometimes even 4 or 5 hours. I've been 88 pounds and my height has been 4'11 for the past few years, and its never changed. So the food I eat cancels out my workouts.

Well a little over a month ago I quit figure skating. The ...
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In Love With A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

When I was 11 I fell in love with a girl in my class. She is beautiful. I was very shy, because i was the fat kid in the class and she was the most beautiful girl. I was bullied by other boys, I was a loner. Anyway my grade school ended without me telling her that i have feelings for her. In high school i started noticing other girls, but still I couldn't get ...
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How Can I Lose Some Weight Quick?

Here are six simple tips that will have you losing weight in a balanced and healthy way and lose weight quick:

1. Lose weight with water.

Water is essential for everybody - it is also the key to losing weight. If you haven't been drinking enough water, your body has developed a pattern of storing water. This water retention equals extra unwanted weight.

By drinking more water, you are ...
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I'm Trying To Loos Weight 14 5'3" 145pounds And Homeschooled ?

I say run ATLEAST once around your neighborhood everyday ~depending on how big your neighboorhood is~ Eat a healthy diet.

If you happen to live in the ghetto(just a statement) and your scared of gettin shot while your out for a run, do some curl-ups in your room

What Weight Loss Methods That Actually Works?


I have 2 months to lose weight.

I'm definitely gonna be going to the gym and working out with a personal trainer but I don't have much time and I'm willing to try anything else too.

I've never actually been overweight or anything, I've been on the slim side of normal my whole life but recently I've gained a LOT of weight. =( And the biggest event of ...
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I Went Down A Cup Size After Losing A Pound. How Can I Regain Weight?

not to sound perverted, but what cup size are you? If you're A, then eat more fatties. Not JUNK food, but carbs and whatnot.

Help With Accounting Question?

I have to prepare a multiple-step consolidated income statement with a presentation of basic earnings per share.
The items reported on the income statement for a recent year (ended March 31) are presented here (dollars in thousands) in alphabetical order:

I need to place answers in thousands except per share amounts which should be rounded to 2 decimal places and Input all amounts as positive values.

Cost of goods sold $ ...
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