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What Is This Sickness?

I know I have already asked this question but nobody answered it :(

First off.. I am a 17 year old male. No allergies that I know off, no disorders, I don't take any medication or or anything like that. So for about the last week I have had little to no appetite. I get hungry and then after eating just a little I start to feel nauseous. I have usually been able ...
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I Need Help! Please Help Me!?

Ok im a very self conscious 13 year old girl i don't wear shorts or tanks just becuz i always think someone is talking bad about me even if i know they are not for school i always wear my jacket even if its the hotest day. im alittle fat but i wouldn't go over board I'm 120 lb and all my friends have a fast metabolism and they take it for granted they eat ...
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Lose Weight By Spring Break? Healthy Way?

I know the whole eat fruit, drink water, type of answer. I actually want someone to answer who knows what there talking about. I have some questions about losing weight. First I'll say I weigh 115 and my height is about 5'4 or 5'3. I want to weigh about 100-105 pounds. Lately I have had some trouble with losing weight...the healthy way. I don't want to just lose weight then gain it all back. I ...
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Is Going To The Gym Twice A Week Enough To Lose Weight?

2 hours is enough. Unless your an athlete. But no, twice a week won't help u lose some weight
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Can I Grow Any Taller?

So, I'm a 18 years old Asian guy and i'm only about 5' 5 and i wanted to know if i could grow any taller because i feel short as hell. Most of my friend tower me and i hate the feeling of being short. Are there certain things i can do to help ensure i grow tall enough to be at least 6 feet or 6' 5. Don't say surgery because I want i ...
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What Foods Help Boost Your Metabolism?

Okay, first of all, I have the SLOWEST metabolism! I exercise about 1-2 hours everyday (I do a lot of cardio and dancing such a zumba :D). I know that drinking green tea is one way to boost up a metabolism. And I have been drinking 1 cup a (every other) day. Are there any others? Also, maybe give advice on a good "workout" or "exercise" to do at home that would help. :]
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Can You Gain Weight From Stress And Lack Of Sleep?

Many studies contribute weight gain to the exact two reasons you list.

Stress is a killer. It lowers the ability of the immune system and pumps all kind of destructive hormones and oxidants into the blood stream.

Every single sleep study done in the last 10 years connect lack of or poor quality sleep to weight gain. The body craves "cheap carbs", does not adequately recuperate, and all systems function at ...
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How Do I Increase My Metabolism?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are consuming at least 1500 calories a day.
If you are starving yourself by eating too few calories, you are defeating yourself.

Eat small amounts more frequently.
Do some aerobic exercise first thing in the morning.
Start a weight lifting routine.
These changes will all improve metabolism.

Keeping a food journal really does help.
It will give you a much ...
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How To Make Poop Smell Less ?

This is a really awkward queation ... But is there any way you can make poop smell less ? You see , I have a pretty fast metabolism and I go to the toilet quite a lot , and because we only have one bathroom in our house it's kind of ambarrasing afterwards cause my mum or my stepdad would usually go in after me and they always complain about the smell , laugh at ...
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I Have A Feminine Odor Problem?

Okay. I have had a vaginal odor problem since eighth grade, and now I'm sixteen in the tenth grade. This problem has been quite frustrating for me because it seems no matter what I do it never goes away. I've also moved quite a bit in the past year, and have been to three different high schools since last March. My vaginal odor is really embarrassing, and has been keeping me from feeling my best ...
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