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Is It Safe For A 14-year Old To Use Herbalife Diet Products?

It is not healthy for a child especially to skip meals and definately not to rely on herbalife diet products. At 14 you should not be worrying about this as it can cause you problems in later life. Your body needs all the necessary nutrients from the different food groups that you can't just get from diet pills - plus at 14 you should not even think of dieting. Ensure you get lots of exercise ...

What Is Financial Aid And How Does It Work?

is it to pay for tuition/ enrollment or is the tuition fee waivered/ already paid for from the financial aid? i asked the financial aid office and they weren't very clear. they told me its for living expenses like rent, gas,books, and food and that the tuition is waivered. so is the enrollment/ tuition fee excused/waivered?
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What Are Some Ways To Lose 10 Lbs A Week?

1. do cardio every day

2. cut food for the 4 hours before sleep

3. try to get less Pepsi and coke

4. do core exercise as they stretch the belly part and help lose belly fat

5. skip crunches ; they only build abs muscles but don't cut fat (but some ab muscle can boost your metabolism)

6. drink tons of water they will ...
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Can An Employer, Who Agrees To Reimburse You For Company Expenses, Deduct Taxes On Your Money?

An employee was sent out-of-town to visit another office. This employee did not receive an company credit card, so they had to pay for things out-of-pocket. The employee was allotted a sum of money from the company in order to pay for food. All money was agreed to be reimbursed upon her return. She came back and submitted her expenses. The money she received was in a form of a check, but taxes were taken ...

Metabolism Help? Thanks(:?

I 've listed some tips for you that will help boost your metabolism, I think you'll find them to be a healthy and easy way to boost your metabolism.

It's great that you eat breakfast; Always make sure to include a protein for your breakfast. Protein builds muscle, improves your feeling of fullness and will help to keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Choose lean sources of protein, such as ...
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Antibiotic Diarrhea, Probiotics & Nutrition.?

O.k., I will try to make this as short as possible, but may not be possible. Finished my 2nd round of antibiotics almost 3 weeks or so ago. The 2nd day of taking Erythromycin (which I dont recommend) and never really taking antibiotics before I developed a pretty good case of diarrhea, not terrible just loose with a little water and some chunks. After about 1.5 weeks of finishing them, I began taking probiotics and ...
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My Best Friend Is Annoying And Has A Bad Attitude?

The ONLY god damn thing she talks about is kpop! Thing is i love kpop but then she treats them like god or sumthing!!! And she never quits blabbering s*** about how shez gonna be sum major kpop star and all that crap!! Im really tired of it! And she treats my other friend who has osteogenesis ( handicap disease) like ****. She treats het badly and steals her food! And just cuz im Arab ...
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How Many Are Employed By The Top 1% Money Earners?

I hear a lot of news about the other 99% as part of the occupy Wall Street crowd.

I am curious to know what percent of all US jobs come from the top 1% of money earners?

I know this is kind of impossible to quantify, for example Bill Gates had thousands of employees, but he was not the entire company in and of itself.
Interested to hear your answers. ...
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I Need A New Job For When I Turn 16?

I need a new job for when I'm 16, Ive been working at Jack in The Box for 7 months(fast food restaurant) I know how to do pretty much everything there. I just want an easier job rather than getting home all greasy and smelling like burgers from work, I need a part time job because I still go to school. how much I get payed really doesn't matter, but the more the better of ...
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How Can I Put On A Lot Of Healthy Weight Quickly?

I am a hard gainer and have a tough time putting on that extra weight. im am 6'3" and weigh around 145, which is underweight for. Im 19 and do a full body workout 3x's a week and eat pretty darn healthy. Junk food isn't a big thing with me. I try to eat high caloric foods and as much as i can along with protein shakes and it doesnt seem to make a huge ...
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