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Is There Such Thing As A 'safe' Diet Pill?

Do NOT take diet pills! They are dangerous!!

Last year I was visiting my parents and took diet pills on top on my exercise routine and normal diet. I was 26 at the time, 5'11, 180 lbs. By week three I was sick. I had diarrhea, dry heaves, dizziness, headaches, and a general feeling of being sick. I thought I had caught the flu or something. I had lost 13 lbs in 4 ...
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Could I Be Pregnant? Answers Asap!?

my boyfriend and i messed around a day after my period, we didnt actually have intercourse but our areas were touching, and we were naked. he was right where he could've entered me if he wanted too.. but didn't. two days later i bought plan b in case of any precum.. 4 days after taking it i got another period that lasted 3 days and was way heavier than spotting. it was like my normal ...
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Darn Girl Has Me All Twisted Up In Side... :/?

Alright so little back story to start with. Me and this girl met in 8th grade we hit it off great always had fun I had the biggest crush on her even back then. I had eventually found out that she liked my best friend, so i wanted to make them both happy so I had hooked them up. A few weeks later it was just me and her hanging out and she was almost ...
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I Need Help! Please Help Me!?

Ok im a very self conscious 13 year old girl i don't wear shorts or tanks just becuz i always think someone is talking bad about me even if i know they are not for school i always wear my jacket even if its the hotest day. im alittle fat but i wouldn't go over board I'm 120 lb and all my friends have a fast metabolism and they take it for granted they eat ...
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Is There Any Problem In Giving My 1.5 Years Daughter The Rice Cooked One Day Before.?

It has to be thoroughly reheated.

That is the best way for rice to be prepared for 'stir fried' rice.

In this case your MiL is incorrect.

When It Comes To Supermarket Shopping Values, Which Is Better Fresh Vegetables Or Frozen Vegetables?

Of course veggies from your own garden would guarantee you a better quality, but that's not always possible. So unless you grow your own garden, many health experts are claiming that frozen vegetables have more nutrition and vitamin value then the raw vegetables in the supermarket.

Vegetables can be up to nine days old when they arrive, and remain on the shelf for 4 more days (or longer?) Including the time these vegetables ...

Did Mother Teresa Face Any Difficulties?

I am writing a research report on Mother Teresa. I have all my facts, paraphrased and all, and discovered that this a part I left out.

I'm sure she had problems with money, and getting the government to do something, and of course, health and food, and I recently found out she had problems with faith, but were there any difficulties that I perhaps left out? I don't feel I have written enough.
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Will My Boyfriend Recover From This Mental Breakdown?

my boyfriend, normally cool, calm and collected, very suddenly 8 days ago started to have a nervous breakdown. at first he seemed depressed and low and we put it down to stress. however, little food or sleep and 8 days down the line he is completely paranoid, one minute loves me and is sorry next minute is convinced everything is my fault and im trying to kill him. he thinks the house is tapped, that ...
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Best Restaurant For Mexican Food And Cold Beer In College Station, Tx?

I'm going to be in College Station this weekend, and I'm taking a girl out on a date while I'm there.
The thing is, I live in Houston and have never been to College Station, so I have no idea where I should take her.
I suppose I could ask her, but I'd rather not be flying totally blind without a clue of where to go on a first date, you know? Especially since I ...

Is Getting A Bite To Eat Considered Loitering?

I am 16 and would like to get something to eat after 10 p.m. but my city says minors can't be loitering past that time.
They define loitering as to "sit, stand without a purpose for a long time or aimlessly walk, wander, drive or ride about without a lawful purpose." Is eating at a fast food place and then going home considered loitering? (especially from a cops perspective)
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