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What Is A Good Acne Cleanser?

My acne is pretty bad/good, but I want to get rid some of it. My mom already made a dermatologist appointment, but I go April 9th, 2014! So I need a acne regime that would clear some of it up. I have acne scars, and dark spots with I hate. I have a few stubborn bumps on my forehead, and cheeks.

I tried:



Ambi dark ...
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Why Do People Who Drink Everyday Eat Chili And Whatever Live Till There 99?

Sometimes it's just about luck. Some smokers live until they're 90, but most of them die relatively young. It's just that sometimes the bad **** you do to you doesn't get you, and those people are lucky. Eating chilli is not necessarily "bad" for you, though. Drinking every day is not the best clearly. But in moderation - one small glass of wine every day - has been shown to have health benefits. But really ...

My Girlfriend Wont Even Try Talk To Me About It?

My girlfriend just tell me omg dont text me bye if i say one little thing and even if its not bad is she trying to find an excuse not to talk to me and idk why i am but im in love with her how would i break up with her ive tried never came to that word or can say it i feel horrible everyday and when im sick she makes me still ...
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Please Help! I Am Going Insane Because My Addictions Are Causing Me To Fail School.?

Ever since grade 9 my addictions have been in full swing. I fought them first semester and got fairly good marks. But I also got severe depression and an enlarged repertoire of addictions.

I started out not eating food (became anorexic?like bone thin skinny) and then I started binge eating (and became overweight), then I got depressed about everything about me and kept eating.

Then I formed other addictions to: online ...

Is This An Acceptable Story Idea?

I have a vague story idea but I don't know if I could publish it.

It's about a group of girls who have the spirit of a fairytale living inside them and they eventually follow the path of their perspective story.

All of the girls are close to and/or live with a blind lawyer or is secretly a prophetess who helps them fulfill their destinies.

I was thinking about ...
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Tortoise Mating Or Fighting, Help?!?

My tortoises have been living together for 6 months ish now. I've had the male for nearly 2 years now and recently got the female, she is only little and i'm starting to worry she isn't actually female and has been mis-sexed. They've got along with each other really well, even lay next to each other, share food etc but just a few minutes ago i caught the male biting the other in a aggressive ...
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Depressed: Hot/cold,no Appetite, Sleeping Problems...?

I wouldn't ask this here usually but it's got to the stage it's scaring me.

I have severe depression, so it's possible this might all be linked with that but it's getting worse.

1. I'm always extremely hot or extremely cold. At the moment I'm in pajamas, 2 cardigans, my dressing gown and 3 pairs of socks under the quilt with the heating on right now and I still feel ridiculously ...
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Are There Always Reasons To Live?

So it is the beginning of my Junior year in high school. I have been "depressed" or unhappy with life and myself, for 9 years now. Ever since my parent's divorce to be exact. After the got divorced, I filled the whole in my heart with food. I gained a bunch of weight and after being made fun of all the time for my weight, I stopped trusting kids. I am still EXTREMELY shy to ...
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Inspiration For A Healthy Daily Routine?

I'm looking for some inspiration for how I can optimize my daily schedule, become more healthy and have more time for myself to meditate, go running, see friends, etc. At the same time, I've realized that I need at least 1½ hours each day to just stare into empty space, read, watch tv in order to recharge. I have no kids and live with my husband.

My daily routine during the week: ...
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Problems In Marriage?

I have problems whit my wife. I start to work in own private company. She always find a reason why to not start to come at work. First time was the location. Now is our daughter. My and her mother are still live and they live really close to our apartment. But she still don't want to leave our daughter and she wait to put her in kindergarten.I work 10 hours every day. I get ...
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