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Am I Going Nowhere Like My Dad Says?

All I ever hear from my father is how I'm going no where in life and how I'm irresponsible...yet, I'm working full time. I got my JOBS (2 not 1) with no ones help, I've been working since I was sixteen years old. I'm not currently in college because I don't want to waste money on a future I'm not sure of. I have written two novels, and a six season lengthed script for a ...
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Bestfriend And Boyfriend F*cked?

I have never cried so much in my life. God has been putting me through so much this last past 2 months.

So, I have this best friend of mine since 7th grade,she moved down were I lived and she instantly became my friend, I could tell her anything and she gave the best advice. She had alot of family problems and I tried to help her the best way I could. (No ...
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How Much Is My Ps2 Stuff Worth?

I'm not really expecting that much at all since PS2 is so out of date but I just want to get rid of all of this stuff! If I were to trade ALL of this at Gamestop, about how much should I expect to get?

-Slim ps2 console w/ all cords

-4 wired controllers

-2 guitar hero guitars


-Burnout 3

-Guitar hero ...
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Mental Health System Vent?

My sister lives with her boyfriend and his family (his mom, dad, and brother.) She has called me multiple times crying and panicking. His brother, Danny, has made multiple threats to kill them all in their sleep, to kill her kittens, and to "do stuff they won't like." He has stabbed holes in the walls when was mad, and gotten into fights with my sisters boyfriend and the family does have numerous guns locked up ...
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Tan/ Brown Small Spider In Bed?

So I was about to go to bed around 11(?) and I see a spider on my covers( idk how I saw it cause it's not even noticeable ). I went to the kitchen and got a transparent cup and placed it over the spider. I then got a clipboard and slid the cup with the spider onto it. Can someone please tell me if I should be worried???? I spent probably an hour trying ...
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Delayed Growth From Sports?

I have figure skated all my life at the competitive level, (novice/junior) and then I ruptured a disk. I lived out of the country, and when I arrived for college, my diet completely changed to American food. (even if I don't eat meat) I'm 19 years old, and I grew four inches in the one year I was in the country. Is it possible that my growth spurt was from the change in diet in ...
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What To Do About A Teachers Feelings Towards Me?

Just to clearify things, I'm a student on a Balletschool. We don't have teachers, we have mentors. They are also musicians when we have contemporary lessons. The school does not have many students so everyone knows everyone. My mentor and this particular mentor are very good friends, i think they grew up together, they're in their 40s now. They're also like second parents to us since we practically live in the school ( we're there ...
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I Need Help , Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

I'm female 14 years old I'm not sure about my height 5'2 / 5'3 I forget , I'm 110 pounds and I really need to loose weight , I need to loose 10-15 pounds because I will have my ballet exam coming up , well I've tried a lot of diet , water diet ( I loose 10 pounds in a week but I realize thats not healthy ) and I got that yo-yo effect ...
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Do You Think I Could Be A Model? Need Advice?

I've been told by people I should but never really thought about it, but now I'm starting to consider doing it. Anyways I'm 13 years old, 5'8, and I don't know exactly how much I weigh because I'm always scared I will get depressed about it and get a eating disorder. My measurements are 32-23-34 and I have light brown hair, big brown eyes, and small nose. I have pretty long legs too and a ...
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Chinese Food Before Weighing Yourself?

I am in weight watchers and i usually drink a lot of water usualy the night before a weigh in so i lose i guess when i go to the bathroom in the morning before i weigh in.
I dont know if that is a good thing to do please let me know. Also i had chinese food the night before my weigh in which i know is a terrible idea because of all of ...
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