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How Can I Control My Compulsive Overeating?

I eat when I am not hungry, I always think about food, I always want to eat, the worst is after I get home from school. I eat and eat and eat and eat. It doesn't matter if I am hungry or not. I'll try to stop eating but food is all I think about. I am not overweight and I am an athlete so I am in pretty good shape I just know this ...
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Any Advice About Overeating?

I have had a problem with weight for years.
I use food as like a comfort to me, especially when I am depressed or stressed out.
I have recently read up on compulsive overeating disorder (compulsive binge disorder) and I believe I have it.
Has anyone else gone through having this disorder and gotten treatment, or have any advice on how I can get help?
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Is It Wrong To Pour Bleach Over My Food To Stop Myself From Eating It?

I often pour bleach over it and chuck it in the bin to stop myself eating it. I've been doing this for sometime now it seems normal to me and I can't stop doing it. For instance I baked a cake today, which I love doing, took a few bites and then bleached it. I knew if I didn't I would have eaten the whole thing. My housemate caught me he thought it was insane. ...

Does Coconut Oil Or Juice Help Compulsive Overeating And Weight Loss.?

I want to share.

I bought a coconut from the store while doing errands three days ago.

Drank the water in it right when I got home.

Broke it open and ate the meats in it as snacks in three days while sharing it with children.

One child made a tropical smoothie and added some fresh coconut to it for breakfast and made enough for the entire ...

What Is The Reccommended Treatment For Compulsive Overeating Using Humanistic Therapy?

They say that sex is excellent for losing weight. http://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/f...

Is It Possible To Have Anorexia And Compulsive Overeating Disorder?

I eat under 400 calories or not at all some days but other days I just eat and eat and eat and can't stop until I'm freaking full and can't walk. I usually just do the first two but at least twice a week I starve all day but at night I just eat so much. Is that normal for anorexics or could I have two eating disorders?

I am seriously curious and ...

I Eat Way Too Much, Help!?

compulsive overeating disorder is a mental disorder and needs to be treated through therapy. Typically someone with C.O.D has deeper issues that have manifested themselves through eating.

Not only do you need to address the obsessive routine but you need to address the emotional side to C.O.D
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Does Overeaters Anonymous Help?

Addictions of all kinds--alcohol, sex, drugs, anger--are best solved with the help of a group.
This is documented.

This is what the group says about itself:

"Overeaters Anonymous is a support group for people who are compulsive overeaters. By attending meetings with people like themselves, members get strength and hope from each other so that they can learn how have better eating habits. They also find out how to stop ...
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Menstruation/eating Disorder?

for about 7 months I have been having eating 'problems' and recently I have noticed a difference in my periods. Last month I only had it for two days, and this month, I got it 3 days early and it only lasted a day. My weight isn't low, im 5'3 and around 123. Just wondering if this is what it could be, is it serious, etc. Thanks .

p.s. not preg. so that's ...
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Is This An Eating Problem!?

ok i wasnt clear on my last question....im 5ft 6 and a half inches.i weighed 211lbs but in like 3weeks i went down to 199lbs. i live with my dad and its hard to exercise alone PLUS i have asthma so im limited. i stay in my room ALL day. some days i only eat one meal [] and then i might purge afterwards. or else i wont eat at all. ive been ...
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