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In Css, How Do I Place An Image Directly Above Or Below A Background Image?

The body div of my website has a repeating background image.
I wish to create an effect of three-dimensionality by dropping a shadow from the bottom of the background image and adding a little structure to the top of the background image.
These ?structure? images have already been created in Photoshop.
All I would like to do is place them directly above and below the body?s background image.
Can anyone suggest the proper CSS syntax ...

Do These Look Like Good Results? Should I Continue Building Muscle Or Lose The Fat To Show Off The Muscle?(pic?

Does it look like my body is starting to look better? I've been training for 3 months now and I eat all healthy foods, no junk food or soda's what so ever. Do you notice results? And should I bulk or cut? I want to look really good for summer, Would I look better bulked, or slim? thanks! 10 points for most reasonable answer.

Pic- http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/img6124.JPG/

Is 5'3, 103 Pounds Too Skinny?

You are very slightly underweight. Your current BMI is 18.2.

The healthy range is 18.5-25

If I were you, I'd consider gaining half a stone. It will help with health, appearance, energy etc.

Do take into consideration whether you do anything unusual to be the weight you are e.g. count calories, exercise hard every day. If not, being skinny could be your body's natural build and you shouldn't worry ...
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Should I Still Be Hurt 1 Year After Husbands Affair.?

Friday will be a year since my husbands affair. He told me a month later after the affair.

I stayed with him for the sake of are child who is only 2.

My problem is it still hurts and i still have a lot of anger toward her and him. I know people say don't hate her. I don't hate her for having sex with my husband. But trying to destroy ...
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Why Is My Contact Form On Dreamweaver Not Working?

I have created a website on Dreamwever by using a template. This template has a contact.php attached and set up. My website is up and running and when you send an email through the contact form it sends and email to me saying:




Even though I have filled those categories out on the contact form.

Here's my coding from my 'contact us' ...
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Gays: Would It Not Be More Strategic To Call Yourself Bisexual, And Especially Reference The Kinsey Scale?

By calling yourself bisexual, it makes you seem more open to possibilities, and that after evaluating the candidates choosing your mate. Even if your choice is already made by biology, it is still good to leave it open, even symbolically as a gesture of openness. And the phenomena of a man loving a man and a woman loving a woman, could be called intra-gender lovemaking. And when it is straight people, called inter-gender lovemaking. And ...

I Need To Find The Core Of My Anorexia As The Final Stage Of Recovery. Somebody Please Help?

at the age eight I started a very severe, off an on again eating disorder. I lived with my mom in a very neglective, her boyfriend abusing, and broken environment. I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle and ever since I thought I had "recovered" until this year. at the end of summer my boyfriend and his ban had a concert that I violently purged before, afterwards me and my best friend Skye wen't ...

Peer Review My Essay Please?

1.Pepsi's Diet Pepsi commercial features Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress, and David Beckam , a British soccer star, to sell their product. At the beginning of commercial, Sofia Verger is seen laying on a beach chair, fanning herself from the heat. Thirst for liquid, she looked around and saw a young lady drinking a can of ice cold diet Pepsi. She is eager for one, but the line at the vendor is abnormally long. Using ...
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Guys, Which Body Type Is More Attractive? (photos)?

There's no guy in the second pic, so I guess the first one.
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Could Someone Clarify What These Means ( Digital Camera Problem)?

You haven't said what sort of lens (make/model or even type - fixed, variable, removable, etc) you're talking about, but in general:

1. It's very unlikely there is dust IN (as in INSIDE) the lens. It's more likely there is dust ON the lens (on the front). If it's a removable lens it's also very likely there is dust on the SENSOR, the electronic chip that actually creates the image for the camera ...




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