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Question For Guys Ages 14-17?

Our stomach, our arms, legs, hair, face, style of clothes, shoes we wear, the car we do or do not drive. The same thing girls worry about.
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Itchy Palms, Skin Peeling And Raw..help!?

My daughter is 3 years old and about 2 weeks ago the palms of her hands began itching extremely bad.
She doesn't scratch, she claws at them.
We haven't changed detergents, or soaps or anything like that.
She hasn't ate anything new either.
I took her to her pediatrician last Monday and he said to continue giving her Benadryl and gave her a prescription ointment.
Her hands are still itching and now the skin on ...
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Thoughts On Holocaust?

I am doing a report on the holocaust for an honors class. I need personal opinions from others in regards to their thoughts on the topic. Unfortunately, when I last asked this question I got half-brained simpletons who simply thought I was joking.
So if you could just tell me what you believe and what your personal view on this is, I would greatly appreciate it.
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"in Order For Someone To Love You, Love Yourself First." How Can I Learn To Accept Myself?


I am a fifteen yr. old girl that is currently enrolled in one of the top 500 public schools in the US. I am a straight-A honors student, currently ranked number 1 in my freshman class.

I have been doing many great things (community service, helping, tutoring, giving out to the world, being a religious person, etc.)

However, I have a self-image problem, which is causing me to ...

Why Do Christians Discriminate Against Homosexuals?

I'm not homosexual, but I see a lot of anti-gay advertising from the Christian community.
They don't even allow them to marry in the United States! Isn't that depriving someone of their rights? They say their religion is peace, love and understanding but they discriminate and ridicule homosexuals and atheists.
I thought God loved us all regardless of our beliefs.
http://www.ontopmag.com/images/ArticleIm... http://www.thegavoice.com/images/stories... http://www.back2stonewall.com/wp-content...



Christians, I want ...
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What Do You Think About This Anime Drawing?

wow that's pretty good!!!

hmm tips?

You could try shading in some parts to make it a bit more, for lack of better word, dramatic(?) i guess or to make it pop a bit more if you get what im trying to get at

to improve your skills, you can observe the original character and practice drawing different poses, facials, angles etc... (even just sketches are fine, it'll help ...
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So F***ing Important Please Help!?

HOLY FARK SOMEONE HELP ME!! Please please answer this ASAP!! My mum is yelling at me and swearing so bad and I'm doing it back because we just founding outMy dad is dying and she is taking her anger out on me!!!!!! She keeps trying to DRAG me out of the house and lock me out!! I have really bad body image issues and she keeps calling me fat and I have just stopped self ...
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Anorexia? I Need Help?

My whole life I have always been self-concious. I was anorexic before after a break-up and occasionally I will make myself throw up. But this past month I have had so much stress and my body image is terrible. I haven't ate any food since last wednesday which is almost a week. I'm not doing it on purpose it's just everytime I eat I feel so disgusted with myself that I throw it up. And ...
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Please Can U Help Me With My Debate?

In a debate, an easy approach is always to start with a nice introduction to get people into your speech, and then an explanation of how you are going to prove your point. So, do your intro, state your side of the debate, explain what you understand under the topic, and then state 2 - 4 good arguments. Then end off with a rhetorical question. Tried and tested standard formula.

Then explain the ...
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Do Vampires Go To Hell?

The Bible obviously does not mention vampires, and, therefore, there is no direct guidance to be found. We can use biblical truths, however, to inform what we should do.


The legend of vampires comes from several different directions at once. The Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, Indians, and Romans told of proto-vampires?grotesque demons. Vampires as we know them originated in southeastern Europe in the 18th century, and were believed to be ...
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