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What Are The Health Implications For This Kind Of Diet?

The Atkins high protein diet didn't do him much good he died early, high fat diets depend on which fat, contrary to modern belief vegetable fats are not good for you, too much omega 6 and lead to chronic inflammation, dairy products from pasture fed animals is much better.

The best diet is some protein (fish,meat poultry) some fat which comes with the fish/meat, lots of veggies and fruit and some small amount ...
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What Can & What Can't I Eat On The Atkins Diet?

Actually this site explains how to get started and what you need to eat. http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/atkinsd...
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Should I Reduce My Calories On The Atkins Diet Or Should I Follow It Step By Step?

im pretty much sure that if you calculate the calories on the Atkins diet it adds up to more than 1,200 calories. should i reduce the calories? someone once told me that if i count calories and stick to a low carb diet it's like doing 2 diets at once...she told me that i should do one of the 2 only. wont i lose more weight if i stick to 1,200 calories and stick to ...

Atkins (no Carb) Diet?

atkins is not a no-carb diet...its a low carb diet.
check out www.atkins.com
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How Much Weight Have You Lost In 6 Weeks?

Before i went to gym doing weights I used to be loosing 2lb a week sometimes 3lb and this is cutting chocolate, crisps and just crap out also at 3 meals a day and if I got hungry I would down a cold pint of water to fill me up or snack on fruit, so if you do the same you might be able to lose 10 to 14 pounds (stone) before your holiday, hope ...
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Am I In Ketosis If My Blood Sugar Is Above 80 Mg/dl?

I recently started the Atkins diet. I have type 1 diabetes, so my blood sugar levels fluctuate. I have been eating about 10 to 18 grams of carbs a day. My BG levels have been averaging 90 to 160; spiking higher in the early morning, then lowering throughout the day. I have lost about 6 lbs in two weeks. Am I in ketosis if my BG is above 80? Should it be lower for the ...
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Atkins Diet? Tell Me Your Story?

Hahah J What you wrote is ignorant...

Triathlete died of a heart attack

He collapsed at Cohasset event

By Mac Daniel, Globe Staff | July 10, 2007

A 38-year-old triathlete who died during the inaugural Cohasset Triathlon on Sunday suffered a fatal heart attack while swimming, race organizers said yesterday.

Although race organizers and police declined to identify the victim at the request of his ...
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Why Have I Only Lost 3 Pds. In 1 1/2 Weeks Without Cheating? Discouraging.?

It's normal to bit lose weight quickly. Don't weight yourself every week, weight yourself every 2 weeks! Make sure you are exercising and switching up the exercises!

Which Diet Pill Works?

I used Jillian's 14 day Cleanse and Detox and it worked GREAT. Eating a healthy organic diet I lose 10pds in 2 weeks, and I didnt even start the gym yet. The detox is ALL NATURAL!!! Jillian DOES NOT believe in any chemicals or junk in her pills or WHEY Protein Powder. SHES GREAT!

I saw a HUGE difference. I am NOT bloated anymore, espeically around my stomach, ankles, or wrists. There was ...
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Get Off Atkins Quick?

Since I've known what it is I've always been quick to condemn the Atkins diet. Every time I've packed on a few extra pounds I've taken them back off through eating less and exercising more. Weird right?

This Summer after moving home from college I gained 15 lbs. eating my mom's home cooking and it has taken me longer than usual to take it back off so my boss duped me into trying ...
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