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Need Poem Analysis Help?

Need Poem Analysis Help?

Postby Edison » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:56 am

Before there is a breeze again

before the cooling days of Lent, she may be gone.

My grandmother asks me to tell her

again about the snow.

We sit on her white bed

in this white room, while outside

the Caribbean sun winds up the world

like an old alarm clock. I tell her

about the enveloping blizzard I lived through

that made everything and everyone the same;

how we lost ourselves in drifts so tall

we fell through our own footprints;

how wrapped like mummies in layers of wool

that almost immobilized us, we could only

take hesitant steps like toddlers

toward food, warmth, shelter.

I talk winter real for her,

as she would once conjure for me to dream

at sweltering siesta time,

cool stone castles in lands far north.

Her eyes wander to the window,

to the teeming scene of children

pouring out of a yellow bus, then to the bottle

dripping minutes through a tube

into her veins. When her eyes return to me,

I can see she's waiting to hear more

about the purifying nature of ice,

how snow makes way for a body,

how you can make yourself an angel

by just lying down and waving your arms

as you do when you say


What is the meaning of the cold and the winter described in this poem? How does the cold and winter described in the poem contribute to the mood of the poem?

2. What words or images contrast with the cold and winter? What meaning is conveyed through this contrast?

3. What is the effect and meaning of the juxtaposition of the two images in the following line: "Her eyes wander to the window,/to the teeming scene of children/pouring out of a yellow bus, then to the bottle/dripping minutes through a tube/into her veins"?

4. Identify three instances where the poet employs enjambment. What effect does this have on the rhythm of those lines? What effect does it have on the meaning of those lines?
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Need Poem Analysis Help?

Postby eadger » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:05 am

I lyke iy but the problam is it doesnt have that rythm which flows with the remedy to drag you in reading it all, no offence, i read the first part only coz its tooo long
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Need Poem Analysis Help?

Postby Searbhreathach » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:18 am

Cold and winter is related to negative thoughts and to illness/death. 'Mummies', 'Immobilized'. The words used give a saddening effect as the grandmother is close to death and it shows the harshness of winter?
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Need Poem Analysis Help?

Postby Collis » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:22 am

The poem is about the interconnectedness of being: the same life within the poet's bloodstream is to be discovered in growing things, in the rhythms of the ocean (which themselves reflect the rhythms of life and demise), and in the historical past of lifestyles on earth (this is the which means of the last two strains). Technically, the poem is written in unrhymed free verse. The word 'existence' is used in each stanza as good because the title, indicating the centrality of the suggestion, and the theme of rhythm is in a similar fashion repeated during.
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