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Need Help With My Physique / Body?

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Need Help With My Physique / Body?

Postby Arik » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:07 am

Hey Abhishek, I am a vegetarian myself. This will not limit you. You can't do anything to grow taller, but you can certainly grow stronger and bigger by training and eating properly. Including dense food choices will help. Simplify this by simply trying to eat more. Eat progressively by adding larger and larger portions overtime.

To grow bigger and stronger, you have to focus on resistance training. Use basic movements and add either repetitions and weight over time. I need to have an idea of the equipment available before I recommend exercises, but you only need three basic movements. This includes a pushing (push-ups, bench presses), pulling (chin-ups or rows), and squat (one-legged squats, barbell squats) motion. This process requires recovery, and working out everyday using these exercises can be not just wasteful, but harmful. You should only train 2-3 days per week at a maximum. Good luck with your goals!
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